Admissions First Laid Eyes on the Physician Essay

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admissions first laid eyes on the Physician's Desk Reference when I volunteered at a pharmacy in Iran when I was in high school there. Although I was born in Norfolk, Virginia, my family and I moved to Iran when I was still a toddler and my formative years were spent there. My interest in pharmacy arose early in life. In fact, I had little doubt or confusion about what I wanted to pursue for a career. After I graduated high school and realized that the best educational opportunities would await me in the United States, I persuaded my parents to move back to America. My parents, who were concerned about my future and supportive of my dreams, sold their home and moved here. The shift was difficult culturally and linguistically, I had to immerse myself in English classes for two solid years before I felt comfortable speaking with others. All of my English skills were actually acquired during the past several years, for I did not need to speak English at all while in Iran. My English skills improved to the point that I got admitted to an undergraduate college in pharmaceutical studies. I work part time to support my needs but my parents have been kind enough to provide for the bulk of my educational and living expenses in college. As I now seek to expand my knowledge in my chosen discipline, I am seeking admission to this esteemed program. I believe I will make a solid addition to your school. I will participate enthusiastically in the pharmacy program, and will contribute to the overall cultural diversity of the university's student body.

Medicine has fascinated me since I was very young. I can remember times when I was sick and I would ask my parents what was so magical about the pills and potions she would administer to me, from cough medicine to aspirin. Gradually I became familiar with some of the major chemical names that are common in over-the-counter and popular prescription drugs and by the time I was in high school, my pharmacological vocabulary was larger than most people twice my age.

Essay on Admissions First Laid Eyes on the Physician's Assignment

When I had the opportunity to volunteer with the pharmacy in Iran as a high school student, my passions were deepened, as I became familiar with the day-to-day workings of various aspects of pharmacy, from research to sales. Engrossed in my work, hours would pass and I would lose track of time. I had found my niche, and had already begun to network with other like-minded people through my volunteer work. My mentor, who was the head pharmacist, allowed me to participate in and oversee many of his research projects. His encouragement and support prompted me to hold tight to my goals; he told me how he became a pharmacist and therefore helped me to begin planning for my future. After talking as well with my teachers, it was then I decided that I would like to become a laboratory researcher who investigated emerging medicines… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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