Term Paper: Admissions, Personal the Optometrists

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[. . .] The Chinese experience taught me that experimental and traditional medicine can sometimes solve problems even better than the normal approach we are used to in the Western world.

The trip to China was an experience that came about in the summer of 2004, when I was nominated by one of my professors to travel to China with the international Mission on Medicine. I knew this would be perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity, a period during which I could accumulate and learn, so I took no moments to decide and swiftly accepted the challenge.

The trip to China also convinced me that being an optometrist is my vocation. Indeed, during my period spent there, I volunteered at an office for 12 hours a week doing vision therapy with children. Children are perhaps the best example of patients that make you understand the importance of your profession. For example, the case of an eight-year-old that had a focusing problem is most relevant.

The little boy was very bright and knew how to read, however, the focusing problem meddled with his ability and he was frustrated over the fact that, although he had learned to read and was quite able to perform reading, he couldn't because of his physical disability.

After working with him for several weeks, the problem gradually began to ameliorate. After six weeks of therapy, the reward was maximal: a smiling face came and announced that reading was no longer an issue for him.

The Chinese optometric experience, combined with traditional medicine and working with patients, made me understand that medicine and practicing medicine is indeed a gift and an honor of which I want to…

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