Admissions Summary and Analysis Postpartum Admission Essay

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Therefore, the study findings are limited in terms to exactly who they represent. This creates a situation where they can then be made to make assumptions on a very small percentage of people, thus limiting its potential to help create movements in progressive counseling strategies for various high risk populations of new mothers. What may be happening in Taiwan may not be occurring in the United States or Morocco. What is needed to address this clear weakness is a broader spectrum of study participants in similar future clinical trials. Further clinical trials conducted with a broader spectrum of individuals. Future research should incorporate participants from a number of different locations around the country, and potentially even the globe. In fact, using participants from very different cultural backgrounds can help provide more detailed information on a broader spectrum of new mothers. A larger database of various people can help research decipher certain cultural elements that may also contribute to increase PPD symptoms in correlation with the presence of infertility. Additionally, there was a weak element in the study by the researchers only using one method of data collection. Although the questionnaire used in the study was highly structured, it still was the only instrument of data collection used within the context of the study itself. With the questionnaire being independently completed, there is no real way to professionally guarantee more absolute findings beyond what the women involved were willing to admit. Measurement tools proved numerous, but the essential collection of data was in singular form. To strengthen this weakness, it would have benefitted the research to use a more multi-faceted approach. This may have included the use of an interview conducted by a professional in order to have something to compare the results of the independently completed questionnaire. Having an external third party provide data on depression symptoms would have helped strengthen the study results. Future research trials can incorporate other strategies to help augment the viability in the research data collected.

Admission Essay on Admissions Summary and Analysis Postpartum Assignment

Still, despite such apparent weaknesses within the research, I do agree with Lee's conclusions regarding the nature of PPD as it correlates to the various elements spelled out by the study. The research design provides reliability and strength in creating analysis that can lead to strong assumptions regarding the elements which contribute most to incidences of PPD, especially when seen in conjunction with one another. I do believe that the stresses of going through IVF can have a significant impact on later development of PPD, based on the emotional rollercoaster that infertility treatment consists of. Moreover, it was interesting to see that the method of birth also had a significant impact on later development of PPD. This is something that I had never heard before, so may have doubted; yet, the statistics clearly show that this is a significant factor in the increased rates of PPD after birth. Thus, overall, I agree with Lee et al. (2011) and the research findings within the study.

This research does correlate with key elements within the field of midwifery. Understanding how significant factors can be predetermined can help midwives start planning early on to help progressively avoid occurrences of PPD in new mothers. By understanding clear risk factors, midwives can help augment physician care treatments by providing further educational resources and counseling to women in high risk categories for developing symptoms of PPD. It is important for midwives to keep updated on such findings, as they will undoubtedly help the effectiveness of the midwife position within creating a high quality of life before and after child birth for new mothers.

Admissions Essay Questions

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I have always been fascinated with the field of midwifery. I have made sure to keep active in my pursuit of knowledge in the field. Thus, I have extensively studied the field of midwifery independently and through various educational and professional organizations. In addition, I am currently an associate member of the American College of Midwives. This helps expose me to current trends, but also clinical research resources to further augment my growing education. I am also learning independently through exposure to various important contemporary literature in the field. In fact, I currently subscribe to The Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health as well as Obstetrics and Gynecology.

There are several reasons as to why I would want to become a midwife, especially now. I have always wanted to enter into the career in order to offer emotional support to women in a time of great need and vulnerability. Thus, it has always been a goal of mine to provide a caring environment to women throughout their child birth experience.

The role of midwife is a very unique one, and it differs dramatically from the practices of nursing and other forms of healthcare positions. Midwives are not only there in the crunch time, and help provide support throughout the pregnancy and birthing process. Midwives are there before the birth to address both emotional and physical needs of new mothers, whereas traditional nurses tend to offer only physical support in limited times of need. I have always desired to have an advanced practice license in nursing as a practitioner so that I can offer the most caring support and comfort to others in need.

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I am fortunate to also have vast experience with the process of distance education through online platforms. I have used numerous distance education methods in the past. In fact, I achieved two Associate degrees through online platforms as well as a Bachelor Degree in Science which was heavily dependent on distance education facilitated through the internet. Moreover, I had been previously employed as an investment banker. During this context, all of my training was conducted through distance education platforms. This past experience will help me deal with and succeed in future distance education programs.

Still, I have to assume that I will have both strengths and weaknesses as I pursue my further education in the field of midwifery. I know my previous experience with distance education will help strengthen my ability to succeed in the field. This will help me deal with the superficial elements of the educational process so that I can focus on the more important elements of learning how to be an effective midwife in real life practice. Additionally, my professional experience shadowing real midwives in practice will help me prepare for actual practice. Yet, I know I will have some weaknesses as I continue with my education. Actually implementing what I learn will be difficult at first. However, the more practice in the field via shadowing and observation sessions, I know I will be prepared when the time comes to actually start the practice.

Now is the perfect time to start my education in midwifery. I am currently in the process of making a career change, and thus am excited to start working in a field that I am so much more passionate about. In addition, I am in the process of completing my RN license which will make it appropriate for me to begin my path in midwifery education.

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I am currently in the fortunate position to adapt my life to the strict study of midwifery and the complicated issues related to practice in the field. At this time in my life I am supported emotionally and financially by an amazing husband who is also willing to sacrifice so that I can pursue my dream. Along with financial support, I now have the emotional support and a source of tremendous drive so that I can offer the most caring support and comfort to others in need.

I have fortunately been blessed with the gift of children myself. Thus, I have personally gone through all of the stages of labor and delivery. My own personal experiences during childbirth have given me a deep understanding for the needs of women in such a vulnerable position. I understand first hand how women need support of an experienced professional to guide them through such a potentially traumatic experience and provide the most optimal outcome -- the health of their child and themselves. I also have extensive personal experience of both the prenatal and postnatal experience, which combined with my growing clinical educational experience, will help provide for women in their time of greatest need, before, during, and after childbirth. Having personally experienced it, I know that I can help support both new and seasoned mothers alike during their most vulnerable moments.

I believe I also have great characteristics from a professional standpoint as well. To augment my experience of actually going through childbirth, I have studied independently and guided by professionals in the field. Currently, I have more than 100 hours of shadow / observational hours in both surgery and rehabilitation situations. I have… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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