ADN to Bsn: Nursing Term Paper

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The primary reason for this increased inclination towards BSN is because of broader career opportunities available to BSN graduates.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN): Pros and Cons:

BSN graduates also start their careers in nursing from entry-level positions. However, they have more advancement opportunities and are assigned more responsible and challenging positions as compared to the ADN graduates. It is one of the lengthiest paths to become a registered nurse but also the most prosperous because of the numerous advancement opportunities available to BSN graduates. They work not only as promoters of health but also perform as educators for patients, assist physicians during treatments, treat the patients in the absence of a physician or other senior staff and administer medications. They are assigned more challenging tasks as compared to the ADN degree holders. They are also responsible for developing health plans for patients, instruct the patients and assist the community members in maintaining good health. They are mostly placed in hospitals, where they are responsible for the supervision of junior nursing staff and other support staff.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on ADN to Bsn: Nursing Is Assignment

BSN degree holders also assist physicians and surgeons in their private practices and sometimes independently treat the patients in the absence of the physician or surgeon. They are also involved in providing assistance during surgeries, administering medications and maintaining patient's health record. In most of the cases, they are expected to independently perform their job and work as a substitute of the physician. This implies the importance of BSN graduates in the nursing profession. BSN graduates are also widely accepted as public health nurses in the government sector. They are sent to different public as well as private health agencies to work with the community on different health issues. They work with different communities to initiate different health improvement programs and to educate the families and individuals about different health concerns. Most of these opportunities are either not available to ADN graduates. Even if such opportunities are available to ADN graduates, they are expected to have considerable experience as a registered nurse.

Another promising opportunity available to BSN graduates is that they can join different pharmaceutical or healthcare companies as business consultants. Career growth of business professionals in heath care industry is reasonably impressive and this opportunity is mostly available to BSN degree holders. They can perform in the areas of marketing, quality assurance and product development.

At this point, it should be notified that different state governments have been trying to increase the educational requirements for registered nurses to at least a bachelor's degree level. As soon as any such legislation will be passed, BSN will become the only educational path to obtain an RN license. Even today a number of advanced career opportunities in nursing are open only for BSN graduates. Moreover, managerial positions in healthcare are only available to bachelors or advanced degree holders. A bachelor's degree is also necessary for getting enrolled in other areas of specializations.

In conclusion, firm devotion, sound knowledge, considerable experience and good performance can open doors for further career advancements for every nursing professional regardless of his/her qualifications. However, majority of the key positions are available to individuals with stronger academic background, as academic knowledge is equally important in professions like healthcare. Bachelors or advance degree holders have the opportunity to rise to the positions of head nurses, directors, or even presidents.


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