Adolf Hitler. This Name Term Paper

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He was their messiah.

Hitler's leadership is well-known. As Machiavelli said that every ruler has to find smart and devoted encirclement. Hitler loved Italians philosophy and found good companions. Himmler, Goering and other well-known Nazi executors were devoted and smart followers. Also Hitler found and supported many talented generals. He knew people. He used their strong and weak features and used these people the way he wanted. Hitler's self-confidence is also one of the reasons of his leadership. As Ron Rosenbaum writes in his book Explaining Hitler: The Search for the Origins of His Evil

Hitler killed millions of people being sure he is right and does good.

He killed all of his opponents with medieval cruelty, the same as Joseph Stalin did. He never tried to listen to another point-of-view. We can remember how he retired many talented generals only because they said he is wrong (von Manstein for example). Hitler always believed that only his orders and ideas are correct. He believed he was a genius, a messiah of Nordic race who will lead his nation to victory and prosperity through fire and metal of great battles. Third Reich had to last for 1000 years but it lasted for 12 years only.

Russian, American and British troops finished this tragic page of world history."

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To sum up the written essay I'd like to notice that Adolf Hitler was really unusual and talented man but he would never gain what he gained if the winners of WW1 had given Germany a chance to get back to peace in 1918. He was only a man who managed becoming a leader of an angry, tired and humiliate nation that wished retaliation more than anything else. He was only an embodiment of radical ideas that were so popular among former soldiers. Here I've touched another eternal question:

What are the main leader's abilities: to be a leader or events that makes a leader out of him. As I think it's 50/50.

Term Paper on Adolf Hitler. This Name Is Assignment

The same was in Hitler's story of life. He fought against the whole human race but was defeated and died. His fate will remind people of all nations and all times about war and humans mistakes.


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Adolf Hitler Term Paper

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