Term Paper: Adopt' Running as My Sport

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[. . .] Running became an easy option, since it was an activity where everybody seemed to participate in, and I thought the physical exertion is not that heavy as compared to other, more complicated sports. I was wrong. On my first week of following my running regimen (which consists of running the academic oval of the university for at least two hours (maximum)), I was ready to give up running. Not only is it tiring, but running will also test your determination and perseverance. Every mile that you cover is a battle between continuing running or giving up to the weakness of your determination. After several weeks of faithfully following my regimen (except for days when it is rainy and there are special things to do), running became a routine for me. I became a common sight at the academic oval every morning, from six to eight in the morning, and I was able to achieve my goal to regain back my regular weight and clear complexion (my ultimate motive for running).

However, physical health is not only the benefit that I got from running. There is also a sense of emotional and mental calm that one can feel while running, and I value these moments so much, because it gives me time to at least be detached in a peaceful way with the outside world. Running made me think of nothing but the pounding of my feet on the pavement, and reciting a mantra to keep me going. Indeed, running is not only considered a sport that bring about physical health and fitness, but it is also an activity that promotes emotional and mental stability. Further, running also increases and develops an individual's determination and drive to succeed, and I think that these two important traits are the driving forces why I still keep on running even though I've already achieved my initial goals three… [END OF PREVIEW]

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