Adult Nurse Practitioner Marketing Portfolio Essay

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NPs bring in income on a fee-for-service basis or a per-member-per-month basis. Figuring an NP's share of income for a fee-for-service practice is done by multiplying the number of visits by the collected fee per visit. . . . Until NPs no longer need a physician on written agreement, all NPs should expect in pay something for physician consultation. Experienced NPs often pay physician employers/consultants 10 to 15% of their net income brought to the practice.

Most employers will want a percentage of an NP'S earnings as profit. (Buppert, 2007, pp. 315-316).

Buppert (2007) recommends that NPs who believe they deserve higher salaries than surveys indicate should present their rationale for requesting a higher figure during salary negotiations. The following three points prove worth not only considering but remembering and implementing the concepts:

1. A nurse practitioner who does not ask for a higher salary figure will not receive one.

2. A nurse practitioner who does not deserve a higher salary figure will not receive it.

3. Even when a nurse practitioner asks for and may actually deserve a higher salary figure; that NP will need to "sell" the rationale to receive a higher salary figure to secure it (Buppert, 2007).

The NP will also need to negotiate benefits. The package may vary according to the following three measures:

1. What benefits best match the needs of the NP?

2. What benefits appear most reasonable?

3. What specific benefits are other NPs routinely receiving? (Buppert, 2007).

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Numbers 1 and 2, however, depict the only considerations that matter. The NP also needs to consider whether the employer pays for continuing education. Additional concerns that need to be addressed that affect the bottom line of the NP's revenue potential include:

A retirement plan

Job-related expenses like a cellular telephone, beeper, and travel


Sick leave

Malpractice insurance

Relocation expenses

Any sign-on bonus

Professional dues

Essay on Adult Nurse Practitioner Marketing Portfolio Assignment

Reference books and/or subscriptions to professional publications

The following table relates a comparisonof salaries relating to nurse practitioners a 2010 survey indicates:


Average Earnings by Job Title (adapted from IOM Institute of Medicine, 2011, p. 4-20).


Average Earnings

Staff Nurse




Nurse Anesthetist


Clinical nurse specialist


Nurse Midwife


Nurse Practitioner


Patient Educator


Patient coordinator


Informatics nurse


Marketing Plan

To market one's self as an adult NP, the NP could benefit from using a selection of promotional tools from the following list that Egidio (2008) suggests in the book, A Nurse Practitioner's Complete Guide to a Successful Medical House Call.

Phone books, including literal Yellow Pages as well as online listings

Radio Spots

Direct Mail


A Web Site or Social Network

Health Fairs

Health Lectures

Business Cards


Buppert, C. (2007). Nurse practitioner: Business practice and legal guide. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. ____. (2011). Nurse practitioner's business practice and legal guide (4th ed.). Sudbury MA: Jones & Bartlett Publishers. Egidio, J. (2008). A nurse practitioner's complete guide to a successful medical house call. San Diego CA: Medical Practice Marketing. About NPs. (2011). American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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