Advanced Nursing Ethics Essay

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A second intervention is found in the Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing. The nurse is always responsible and accountable for practicing ethically, and she herself determines the "appropriate delegation of tasks, consistent with the nurse's obligation to provide optimum patient care" (Cohen, 2006). In other words, the nurse can, through "individual and collective action," intervene in a situation where life and death of a patient hang in the balance. Nurses face intense ethical challenges in order to live up to their professional duties, and some nurses do have "difficulty recognizing and articulating" those duties and responsibilities (Cohen). When there is moral uncertainty a nurse can and should determine the ultimate appropriate intervention to save lives, according to Cohen.

(f) Identify one model of ethical decision-making that a masters-prepared nurse would embrace while delivering healthcare services.

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ONE: what are the steps in the ethical decision-making model? In a Nursing Ethics / PubMed article ("An integrated ethical decision-making model for nurses") the author presents six steps. These six steps are based on a careful review of twenty ethical decision-making models that the author critiqued and reviewed. They are: a) carefully identify the ethical problem; b) collect addition information in order to identify the problem from more than one perspective and begin to create potential solutions; c) come up with alternative solutions as a way to compare and analyze what should be done; d) select the best alternatives and be able to justify the selection of those alternative solutions; e) develop "…diverse, practical ways to implement ethical decisions and actions"; and f) from the careful evaluation of effects and from the "development of strategies" a masters nurse may then use those strategies to prevent a "similar occurrence" (Park, 2012).

TWO: Apply the selected decision-making model to the case that is presented in this assignment.

TOPIC: Essay on Advanced Nursing Ethics and Assignment

The scenario presented does not indicate the country of origin for this family, but the female physician and the attending nurse know that she does not want to inform her husband or her mother in law. This is the beginning of the ethical problem. Once it is known that the biopsy has turned out to be positive (cancerous), the doctor and nurse have collected the needed information and they now must decide on a solution (which will involve breaking confidentiality) they use a Utilitarian approach (the best solution for the most people), based on their wish to make sure that Mrs. Z receives the best care possible. The "potential beneficial outcomes" from applying Utilitarian principles outweigh the negatives (Smith, 2013).

In conclusion, of the several ethical theories that are used in this paper, and are part of the dynamics in healthcare and in particular nursing, Utilitarian principles apply in a unique and practical way. Act-utilitarianism is the principle of utility "…that is applied directly to each act in a situation of choice"; the correct act is one which "brings about the best results" ( In this case, informing the family that Mrs. Z needs immediate attention and care vis-a-vis her breast cancer, is the best choice to bring about the best results.

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