Advanced Nursing Skill and Competency Essay

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Advanced Nursing Skill and Competency Level

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Based on my knowledge of the Advanced Nursing Practice is the Skill Acquisition model, I can help decipher my own core competencies and determine what level of capabilities I'm currently at in order to help strengthen my learning experience to facilitate my own future growth. I believe in many ways I'm beyond the skill sets of a Novice. This stage is severely limited in its own critical thinking abilities, as "the novice is given clear directions of safe ways to proceed until the significance of fluid balance for different clinical conditions can be learned" (Benner, 2004). Novices begin their training without being able to think critically and thus make immediate decisions because of their dependence on guidance and direction within the field. I have definitely moved beyond this stage and well into the stage of Advanced Beginner. I have gained a number of responsibilities based on my increased status, yet I am far from being an expert in the field. During this stage, I have greater freedom to start building the technical abilities for critical thinking in order to prepare myself to make split decisions in the field. It is this development that has taken me far beyond my humble beginnings in closer to the more efficient professional I hope to be in the future. I am receiving both guided instruction, but also beginning to learn from "a heightened awareness of any feedback on performance" and close attention paid "to the practice of colleagues," (Benner, 2004). Continuing down this path than focusing on evolving my critical thinking and observational awareness will help me continue well into the past of a competent nurse. Still, advanced practice nursing is a continuously evolving field (Hamric et al., 2013). This will ultimately require me to continue learning throughout my career, even when I have entered a more advanced stage of competency skills.

Essay on Advanced Nursing Skill and Competency Assignment

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