Advanced Practice Nurse Research Paper

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Advanced Practice Nurse

The RN that wishes to go deeper into the field and point towards a career as an advanced practice nurse (APRN) must first have the aptitude and motivation, and more importantly he or she must also have the knowledge of the educational requirements and professional components that are part of achieving the APRN license. The educational requirements and professional components involved in becoming an APRN will be presented in this paper, along with the emerging roles of the Advanced Practice Nurse, the theoretical perspectives of advanced practice nursing, and a global perspective of the field of advanced nursing.

Emerging Roles of the Advance Practice Nurse

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Essayist Michaelene Jansen explains that many APRNs have difficulties simply working from the standard model for nursing; part of their frustration lies in the fact that they have been "…forced to launch their practice within the medical model…due to medical diagnoses used for billing and coding" (Jansen, 2010, 33). The advanced practice nurses today are involved in the identification and validation of "nursing diagnoses" -- and the revisions of existing diagnoses -- in order to follow through with nine "functional patters": exchanging, communicating, relating, valuing, choosing, moving, perceiving, knowing, and feeling" (Jansen, 35). Another role of the APRN is to "…develop skills to capitalize on the chaos in the healthcare system" and also to "create opportunities for the advantage of the profession rather than fear the future" (DeNisco, et al., 2012, 254). Moreover, the APRN must be able to help shape public policy -- by working with and leading other nurses -- and he or she must understand how to navigate the regulatory process (DeNisco, 254).

Professional Components in California & Florida

Research Paper on Advanced Practice Nurse Assignment

In Florida and in California, there are many pages (single-spaced) identifying the requirements for being licensed as an APRN (too many to list here). Some of the key requirements include: having a Master's degree in advanced nursing; paying up to $100 for the licensing process; passing state, and regional (or national) examination; have fingerprints recorded and accept a background check; applicants that fail the exam three times in a row (no matter which state they are in or where the examination was taken) are required to complete "a board-approved remedial course" prior to applying for another exam.

In both states, prior convictions must be reported. Even a misdemeanor that has been "…dismissed, or expunged" or otherwise wiped from the official records, must be reported to the licensing board (along with copies of the arrest paperwork); also, in both states any previous discipline / sanction that a nurse received in any context within the field must be reported. Failure to report either an arrest or a disciplinary action will result in disqualification as an APRN (Board of Registered Nursing).

Educational Requirements

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) published a report consisting of all the educational requirements that an RN must successfully complete in order to qualify to obtain a license to practice as an advanced practice nurse. Called "The Essentials of Master's Education for Advanced Practice Nursing," the document is in effect a series of national standards that covers the general and specific courses in nursing schools across the country, including the required courses in California and Florida.

The schools provide courses that offer "…essential content to provide direct patient/client services at an advanced level" for advanced practice nursing core (AACN). ONE: Research: The practitioner must be able to gain "new knowledge" constantly through research so this is an important learning moment for future APRNs. The student must learn how to use the appropriate software and "…understand statistics and research methods" along with being able to utilize systems that retrieve and store data (and understand databases). Moreover, the APRN student must "write and communicate effectively" so she or he can "critically analyze the problem" and come up with a strategy for a solution.

TWO: Policy, Organization, and Financing of Health Care: a) the student must be fully aware of government (the legislative and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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