Advanced Practice Nursing Compare Essay

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Whereas APRNs; are strictly limited to specific kinds facilities, duties and as a gatekeeper in controlling costs. ("American Nursing Association," 2010) ("Louisiana State Board of Nursing Guidelines," 2011)

Part 2: Under SB 192, Louisiana would be the only state in the nation with such a regulatory structure. How would this affect current APN practice? Is this a step backwards in the progress we've made?

The new regulatory structure is streamlining the responsibilities of nurses. This is taking place with physician oversight boards regulating the industry and their responsibilities. These shifts are different from other states, by combing the APN responsibilities with those of MDs. This is a step forward by acknowledging how the discipline is contributing significantly to the quality of healthcare provided and its costs. However, these changes are ignoring the established practices of nursing industry boards. This is problematic, as they feel that there is reduced levels control by effectively transferring oversight to physicians' organizations. In this aspect, the changes are either a step forward or backwards depending upon the perspective which is taken. ("Removing Healthcare Barriers," 2010)

Name some regulatory barriers that currently exist for APNs? Where has progress been made? What remains to be done?

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State laws are the biggest barriers for APNs. This is because they require that at least one MD be available inside any healthcare unit. These requirements; reduce the level of control and responsibilities of APNs by effectively passing them off onto the doctor. To address these challenges, many of these guidelines have been diminished. However, more needs to be done, as there are still strict rules limiting the roles and responsibilities of APNs. ("Removing Healthcare Barriers," 2010)


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Essay on Advanced Practice Nursing Compare and Assignment

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