Advertisements Analysis of Women Essay

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Analysis of Women's Advertisements

The purpose of this analysis is to analyze how gender is portrayed, and what similarities and differences exist in how advertisers choose to portray gender in their advertising strategies. The effectives of these strategies is assessed, specifically with a discussion of how these advertisements feature women. The use of women's bodies in these ads at times is necessary, as is the case with health-related products, while many, having a full picture of a woman is superfluous.

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Essay on Advertisements Analysis of Women's Advertisements the Purpose Assignment

The five publications used for this analysis include Seventeen Magazine, Architectural Digest, Sports Illustrated, Prevention Magazine (healthcare) and Entertainment Weekly. Gender is portrayed significantly different across each of these five magazines' advertisers. Advertisers in Architectural Digest and Entertainment Weekly rely on tall, thin wealthy women archetypes to convey the exclusivity and celebrity-like aspects of their products. They tend to overstate thinness and body image being correlated to wealth, or at leas the implication is given that the taller and thinner you are, the more attractive you are and the more adept at attracting wealth. Seventeen Magazine and Prevention magazine advertisers use an entirely different approach to women's body images, showing vitality and healthy living. They also underscore the concepts of freedom from having a healthy body as well. Seventeen advertisers also appear at times to use women's images to convey a flirtatious attitude yet don't cross the line into double entrandras of sexual meanings. The only magazine's advertisers that did that was Sports Illustrated with its men's cologne ads and sports drink ads, with the double entranda being about performance while showing a scantily clad, perfectly shaped woman model.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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