Advertising Is Essentially a Negative Term Paper

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The volume of advertisements will continue to be high in today's economic system because mass distribution of products sustains the free enterprise system.

Speaker A: But, what about the fact that advertising creates false images? It seems to communicate that men should be handsome, athletic, virile, thoughtful fathers, and tall at all times. On the contrary, it implies that women should be skinny, beautiful, and with full-time jobs in addition to being full-time mothers. While some of these characteristics are reasonable, they tend to be usually unrealistic and unachievable. The advertising industry has continued to disgracefully objectify and sexualize women while using them as productivity tools (Romo, 2012).

Speaker B: I agree that advertising has sometimes portrayed false images of men and women. However, these images are not the creation of advertisements but are generally influenced by the media, especially television programs and movies. Advertising has primarily capitalized on the existing and vastly growing body-image issues in society. Many people in society are experiencing huge pressures to fit an ideal image established by culture and the media, with or without advertisements.

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Speaker A: What about the fact that advertising has played a crucial role in developing and spreading many social ills? For instance, advertising is partly to blame for luring people into eating disorders accompanied with significant health consequences and implications. Companies have continued to hire advertising firms to promote and sell low-nutrient foods. In addition, fraudsters have used advertising to lure people to purchase worthless products and services.

Speaker B: Really? What about the numerous advantages and benefits of advertising to the society and the economy? What about its provision of a framework for transmitting information regarding health and social issues for products? What about the fact that it promotes the development of new and improved products, stimulating competition, providing a wider choice, and encouraging decreased prices?

Term Paper on Advertising Is Essentially a Negative Assignment

Speaker A: As much as some of the things you have stated are correct, advertising essentially has a negative influence on society because it's offensive. It must generally be acknowledged that many people in the society find advertising to be in bad taste and ineffective. Actually, advertisers and marketers recognize that the general public finds advertisements distasteful and attempt to avoid it. Advertising has an offensive nature because it offends in attempts to attract people's attention.

Speaker B: Not really. Advertising has a positive and beneficial impact on society from an economic and business point-of-view. It actually stimulates the economy by encouraging the development of goods and services that strengthen the economy. According to the findings of recent surveys, advertisements are both informative and persuasive (Plumer, 2012). Many economists have stated that advertising is ultimately beneficial by providing people with more information regarding products and services in the market.


Advertising basically has some positive and negative effects on society because of its advantages and disadvantages. While advertising contributes to economic growth and development, it also affects the society negatively through unethical and inappropriate practices and measures. Generally, advertising is essentially a negative influence on society because it primarily focuses on generating sales and increasing productivity.


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