Advertising Has a Significant Role Essay

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This effect could not have been achieved with a mere textual form of advertising.

One look at the graphical advertisement of Weston automobiles (website) the consumer is made aware of the different types of automobile accessories that the company produces. The various types of product like the 'Sports mans CPS" grill guard, Front bumber guard, rear bumper guard, safari light bar guard, etc. are all neatly explained by separate graphical details. The individual graphical product descriptions are complemented by explanatory text, which describes the visual depiction in a little detail and highlights the differences in the product features, leaving the consumer with all the information that is necessary for him to make a choice. Achieving this objective without the use of graphical representation is quite impossible. (With so many product varieties).

Furthermore the company conducts electronic business through its website. Only when the customer is apprised of all the minor details he will go along with the purchase of the product. Graphical representation of the products gives the customer a feeling of seeing the product (as he does in a shop) and gives him sufficient product information to make the purchase. Even today companies like Dell, Compaq realize a part of their sale from their online sales system wherein they provide a graphical picture of the computer along with product details. In future the trend is definitely towards ecommerce and we can be sure that graphical designing would be the major mode of advertising.

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TOPIC: Essay on Advertising Has a Significant Role Assignment

The secret of successful business lies not only in developing cost effective and quality products but also in intelligent promotion of the same in this cutthroat competition. Achieving a good market share rests on the increasing reach out of our products. Graphical presentations are self-explanatory and give a clear picture of the features of the product. A well-informed consumer is most likely to buy the product and the use of graphics achieves the purpose. Graphical advertising is indispensable in this world of electronic commerce wherein the customer is more inclined to buy a well described product from the click of the mouse rather than visit the shop. Hence we can conclude that in today's business world the more informed a customer, the more chances of realizing a sale and this more than emphasizes the importance of intelligent graphical product advertising. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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