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¶ … advertising on specialty channels. Discuss how both large national advertisers and small local companies might use cable TV effectively in their media plans.

Specialty channels have made it possible to more precisely segment prospects for a product or service based on their specific interests. Specialty channels attract highly unique and differentiated audiences, many of which share common demographic and psychographic profiles, making advertising on these channels the most efficient approach to reaching specific prospects of interest. Compared to the national channels that have a very wide demographic base that requires a correspondingly broader message, specialty channels offer large national advertisers and local companies alike the opportunity to reach more precisely defined audiences with more focused messages. These specialty channels then a much more effective at reaching a specific audience than the larger national channels.

Explain why advertisers of products such as cosmetics or women's clothing would choose to advertise in magazines such as Flare, Elm Street, or Chatelaine.

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Each of these magazines and their accompanying websites approach women's perceptions of themselves as independent, autonomous, self-confident and high achieving from a slightly different vantage point, yet all are affirming of women's self-concept as being self-confident, decisive and strong. Because each of these magazines and their websites speak to women about how they feel about themselves, it's most likely that manufacturers of cosmetics and women's clothing would choose to advertise both in print and online in each of them with slightly different strategies. The messaging of each of these publications and their websites is slightly different with varying degrees of career, fashion, lifestyle, physical fitness, in addition to many other topics of interest to women, yet all share in promoting a healthy self-image of women as high achievers. For cosmetics and women's clothing companies, advertising in each of these magazines and their websites is most likely critical to their overall marketing strategies.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Advertising on Specialty Channels. Discuss How Both Assignment

Discuss advantages and disadvantages associated with advertising in movie theatres. For what types of products and/or services might these media be most effective?

Increasingly mainstream advertisers are turning to advertising in movie theatres to accentuate and further strengthen their advertising strategies. While there are the disadvantages of being perceived as an irritant to movie goers and also the high cost, there are many advantages to advertising in movie theatres. These include highly targeted exposure to specific audiences, as many theatre chains now allow for specific advertisements to be placed on specific movies whose audiences can be predicted along demographics and psychographic variables. There is also the advantage of capitalizing on the mood within a movie theatre of anticipated entertainment. American Suzuki was able to capitalize on the mood within theatres with their advertising during the holiday season of 2007 tying in their motorcycle and sports utility vehicle (SUV) brands, using a storyline that accentuated the strengths of their motorcycle line and the XL7 SUV line the company launched in the Fall of 2007. Additional advantages of advertising in move theatres are higher levels of retention and recall of the specific advertisements, and greater unaided brand recall. Many advertisers, despite the many advantages of in-theatre advertising, feel that that the follow-up required to measure effectiveness in the lobby as theatre-goers are existing is too big of an irritant to the general public. Other advertisers give out a small card with a web address on it and offer to give the respondents to their surveys a $5 Starbucks' card for their responses. For the disadvantages and for the trouble of tracking effectiveness however, many advertisers are beginning to capitalize on the opportunity to target specific demographic and psychographic… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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