Advice to a Young Man Essay

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¶ … Advice to a Young Man on the Choice of a Mistress" and "Girl"

Benjamin Franklin and Jamaica Kincaid illustrate the power of words in "Advice to a Young Man on the Choice of a Mistress." And "Girl." Both authors are attempting to articulate something from their life experience. While both pieces are very different, they are the same in that give advice to the reader. Each piece illustrates that many of us write like how we speak. We can guess that Franklin was predictably proper while Kincaid's narrator is more casual. Both pieces offer good advice and serve their purpose while at the same time demonstrating how language is a versatile tool.

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Benjamin Franklin is offering advice that is logical and very sound. His words are properly placed and he is succinct. He is approaching a delicate subject and he does so with taste. He never uses vulgar language and he is to the point. We can tell from this letter that Franklin was a man that liked to get to the point. He lists his points in bullet style for ease of reading. He wants his reader to know that sex outside of marriage is negative for several reasons and he lists them for his reader to consider. Kincaid is offering advice from her life as well. However, her advice is expressed in a more relaxed and casual way. We can tell that she is not so much concerned about how grammatically correct the message is as much as what it is she is trying to say. For example, there are no paragraphs in the piece and there are no sentences as the writer has chosen to separate thoughts with semi-colons. In addition, there are misspelled words and slang. While each writer is giving advice, his or her style is quite different

Essay on Advice to a Young Man on the Assignment

Both authors are certain of their convictions. Franklin warns his reader that if her does take a mistress, he should "prefer old Women to young ones" (Franklin). The author is intent on the negative impact… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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