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¶ … tests you went and got them done. When they wanted to try a new medication you said okay and subjected yourself to the study. When they said there was no more hope you went home, you cried with your family, you took long walks, reflected on your life and realized that they only thing left now was the suffering and the pain your family would go through watching you die. Wow. This is not how you imagined the end.

Somehow you always thought it would be painless and that your family would be financially cared for because of the hard work you put in during your life. Now you have been struck with a slow killing disease that you know is going to make you hurt like you never before imagined and you don't think you want to go through that just to die in the end. So you begin to think about ending it earlier.

There is no reason to suffer right? Why incur millions of dollars in bills for your family to deal with after you die? For the most part you make your peace with the fact that you are dying and there is no way to stop it and you step up to the plate and start to plan. You make sure the life insurance is in order; you pay off lots of loans so your wife won't have to think about it. Once those things are done you write letters to your family members and spend time with them to say goodbye.

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Then on the chosen night the medical expert comes to the house. He helps set up the machine that you will use to administer the medication with. The pain has already reached an unbearable level for the most part and you look forward to having peace. With your family gathered around, you smile at them, press the button and within minutes you are asleep. The machine now provides a lethal painless does of medication and you are at peace.

This sounds like a logical and humane way to handle impending death doesn't it?

TOPIC: Term Paper on Advocating Euthanasia Assignment

Unfortunately laws are in place to prevent you from being in charge of how much you suffer before you die. The right to die has been a hot topic of debate for many years. There is no point in forcing a person to live when there is no chance of hope. The bills that he would incur medically can destroy his family. The suffering he will endure until he dies is something no one should have to deal with. It is no different than torturing that person. And finally, that person should have the right die with dignity and grace.

Law because of should permit euthanasia extensive

Medical bills, the victim's wish to die, and because of the fact that suffering is a form of torture that should be avoided at all times.

The fact that euthanasia is illegal does not make it right. Those who oppose it do so because it is human nature to fear and turn away from death. It is a natural reaction to try and believe that everyone we love will live forever but that is simply not the case. There are thousands of people suffering every day in America because they do not have the legal right to decide when enough is enough and move on to the next stage in the process of life, which is death.

There are several reasons that Euthanasia should be supported. The first reason is the fact that without the ability to ask for it the patient can incur medical bills that will destroy any hope of his family when it come to financial survival after his or her death. People work hard their entire lives. They put away retirement funds and a nest egg so that their families can be comfortable if something happens to them. Whether you are in the prime of your life or you are retired and elderly nobody should force you to incur medical bills for something that you don't agree with.

When you are in the hospital you are allowed to check out against medical advice. If a doctor recommends a certain procedure or test you have the legal right to refuse that procedure or test. However, when it comes to your impending death you are not allowed to think ahead, decide the cost will destroy your family's future, for nothing, because you will die anyway and ask for Euthanasia.

The allowance of Euthanasia will also assist others. If you have a terminal illness and there is absolutely no hope of recovery wouldn't the money being spent to force you to stay alive and suffer, be better spent on people who have the hope of recovery but do not have the funds to pay for that care?

It is unfair to allow the medical profession to force a patient and his or her family to go into bankruptcy for an illness that has absolutely no chance of recovery and will only cause the patient to suffer more and more until finally dying a horribly painful and undignified death.

Around the nation many people are beginning to look at the topic of Euthanasia differently. When Terry Shavio made national headlines her case brought forth the very real suffering that people do because the law does not allow them to die with dignity.

(Rule, 2006)

Florida case recently shed light on the inhumane treatment of people who are forced to maintain life even when there is no hope and the end will be horrifically painful without Euthanasia.

The woman has sued for the right to die.

In a case attorneys say could set legal precedent in Florida, jurors were asked Wednesday to determine whether a 92-year-old nursing home resident was deprived of her right to die with dignity."

The suit alleges that the patient was battered and abused by the life sustaining measures that were forced upon her in the end stage of her life. While this is but one case there are thousands out there like this one in which the person in question is going to suffer terribly as the medical professional forces them to stay alive at all costs. Lou Gerhig's disease is a classic example of why one should have the right to die through the use of Euthanasia. It is a disease that robs one of their speech, and eventually all of their physical functional ability. This leaves them with a mind that is alert but a body that refuses to breathe, move, and cooperate in any way. One cannot swallow anymore so there is no eating. One cannot breathe without the aid of a respirator. It has the same outcome each and every time it is diagnosed and those who have it know there is no hope but are currently not allowed to choose death with dignity and die by their own choice.

While most people have heard about the famous Dr. Jack Kevorkian who assisted many terminally ill people with their own deaths, few people know that the actual right to die issue was made famous by a patient named Karen Qiunlinn. Karen was in a coma for many years after ingesting a toxic combination of elements. Her parents went to court numerous times to get the judge to grant their daughter the right to die. The judges refused over and over again as they watched their once vibrant and alive girl become a vegetable with no hope of ever leading a normal life.

In the summer of 1973, Karen Ann Quinlan shared with her friends a disturbing premonition: she was going to die young, she told them; she was going down in history. Almost two years later, on April 15, 1975, twenty-one-year-old Quinlan, in a coma of mysterious origin, was admitted to a New Jersey hospital (Doerr, 1997)."

And the battles between her parents and the judicial system that thought it had the right to tell Karen and her family how long she should suffer began.

After years of court battles she won the right to die and the topic was now out n the open and being debated nationwide (Doerr, 1997).

The next well-known issue in the right to die with Euthanasia happened when Minnesota physician, Jack Kevorkian began to help people die with an assisted suicide machine he invented. According to Kevorkian he would make sure the patient had a terminal illness and that they truly wanted to die, not just stop the pain. If the pain could be stopped and that patient could still have a quality of life for a while he would refuse to help them die. It was the people that he was satisfied had no hope for recovery, would only suffer until the end and then die anyway that he agreed to assist. His machine and his beliefs caused such great controversy that he soon found himself charged with murder when a television program aired footage of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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