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¶ … Virgil's the Aeneid

Virgil's epic, the Aeneid, explores mankind's sense of duty and family through the journey of Aeneas, the story's hero. Aeneas demonstrates the significance of this Roman ideal, which evolves over a lifetime. In the beginning of the poem, Aeneas' character is weak and lackadaisical and part of why we come to appreciate him so much is the fact that he transforms right before our eyes. He is a man that must make painful choices but he [proves that it can be done. His transformation and his ability to rise to the occasion is what Virgil wants us to see in this character - a man that makes the right decision when faced with putting others before himself.

While in the first part of the poem we see a lethargic Aeneas, he slowly comes around. The underworld serves as the perfect shift for Virgil to capture the importance of duty that is displayed through Aeneas. Aeneas arrives in Italy, "duty bound" (Virgil 159) and ends up facing an important duty, which is to visit to the underground. During this visit, Aeneas encounters his father, Anchises. Anchises helps Aeneas see the future of Rome and his place in it and, as a result, "fired his love/of glory in the years to come" (191). The knowledge of things to pass causes Aeneas to undergo a significant change.

When Aeneas takes up the new armor, Virgil is symbolizing his sense of duty to Rome. We are told that the images on the shield alone are "wonders" (256) to Aeneas and:

Knowing of nothing of the events themselves,

He felt joy in their pictures, taking upDownload full Download Microsoft Word File
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