Aerospace Engineering Plethora of Purposes Term Paper

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" (Renshaw) design of this magnitude would be essential to the reduction of environmental pollutants. In addition a vehicle that could change shape while flying would be unprecedented. High speed transportation is just one of the many products that are being designed and will be produced in the near future by aerospace engineers.

Challenges to Aerospace Engineering in the United States

Even though there are some very exciting things happening with aerospace engineering, the program will face some problems in the future. The most evident problem came earlier this year when the space shuttle Columbia disintegrated upon reentry. Seven astronauts were lost and questions about the safety of manned space vehicles came into question.

Many experts believe that the loss of the shuttle was due in part to the depletion of resources that NASA has endured over the last decade. Experts have suggested that the cutbacks have led to a lack of qualified staff to oversee the safety of the aircraft. Some former aerospace engineers have even suggested that NASA knew that the aircraft was unsafe for flight and were warned by engineers that a catastrophe of this nature was likely to happen. On February 21, 2003 the Washington Post reported that,

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NASA engineers at Langley Research Center in Virginia expressed frustration during and shortly after the space shuttle Columbia's disastrous flight that the space agency failed to investigate thoroughly whether a debris strike during the shuttle's launch might lead to a disastrous landing, according to a series of e-mails disclosed for the first time today." (Smith)

Term Paper on Aerospace Engineering Plethora of Purposes Assignment

At the present time the NASA space shuttle program has been grounded, pending the investigation behind the loss of the space shuttle Columbia. The Columbia disaster certainly brings into question of the aerospace engineering program in the United States. In particular people question the government support of the program. Aerospace engineering can be very costly and sometimes results in the loss of human life and expensive aircraft. The government must examine the amount of support that it is offering to the aerospace program in the United States if the aerospace engineering industry is to survive into the future.

In addition to the Columbia disaster, the events of September 11, 2001 also took a toll on aerospace engineering. Many engineers found themselves out of work because Americans were afraid to fly and airlines had to lay off engineers. The layoffs and troubles with the space shuttle may lead some students to choose a different major when they enter college. The lack of interest in the field may leave companies without qualified aerospace engineers.

Recruitment is a challenge that will permeate throughout the future of the aerospace engineering program in the United States. Many students may not see any benefit to entering the field and will opt to choose another path. Organizations must began to sponsor programs that help students understand the importance of aerospace engineering and the ways in which the profession has aided in improving the everyday lives of people around the globe.


This discussion was designed to examine the field of aerospace engineering. Our investigation has shown that aerospace engineering involves the study of the design and creation of vehicles that can travel beyond the earth's atmosphere. We also found that many of the products that were created by aerospace engineers are now used as common household products. We can conclude that aerospace engineering has been an essential part of the creating the products that make our lives more convenient.

We then discussed the concepts behind the aerospace engineering team. We found that the team consists of engineers, scientists and technicians. Our research found that each group is essential to the research and development of vehicles and engineering processes. We also discovered that engineers and scientist usually work in a specific field.

Finally, we discussed the future of aerospace engineering. We explored the topics of education, new products and the challenges that aerospace engineering will face in the years to come. Educationally, we discovered that Seoul National University in South Korea has made great strides towards the security and improvement of aerospace engineering around the globe. We also found that universities in America are setting goals to ensure that aerospace engineering is properly taught.

We also took a look at the new products that are available now and some that will be available in the future. Our investigation uncovered that engineers had created a vest designed to aid pilots. We also discovered that the development of high speed transportation is just over the horizon.

Lastly, we discussed the idea the challenges facing aerospace engineering. We found that the space shuttle Columbia disaster and the events of 9/11 have greatly impacted aerospace engineering. We also found that the field may have difficulty recruiting students in the near future.

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