Affect in Content of News by Selection of Sources by Reporters Essay

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Reporting the News

There is so much confusion in today's media environment. The way media outlets manipulate sources can greatly impact their message and effectiveness at convincing audiences. Thus, sources are often manipulated in order to serve an elitist or government agenda, branching off what so called "authority" figures may offer in way of research material for continuing news coverage of America's political environment.

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There are a number of ways that the selection of sources by reporters affects the content of news. The news has been used by politicians and government forces for decades. Government officials do tend to go to the press, often "not always to advance a unified government interest," but rather to expose opponents' embarrassing information (Schudson, 140). In this, some government sources may tend to manipulate media outlets, efficiently making the media a pawn in the political game. Not all government sources can be counted as some gracious truth. Too much concentration on government sources can prove biased. When a journalist fails to have a more balanced opposing resource, it could be assumed that journalist does not want to introduce any other messages into the dialogue. Domhoff shows how reporters in the mainstream media tend to spin elements of stories by manipulating sources to serve elitist interests. Domhoff discusses the prevalence of the elite upper class population to be favored in how government or other authority figures are used as the only sources, pushing only an agenda in favor of these affluent interests (Domhoff, 10).

TOPIC: Essay on Affect in Content of News by Selection of Sources by Reporters Assignment

One recent example of the political bias that is found in mainstream media is a recent February 28, 2013 article written by Cyber News Service, also known as CSN News. The article, written by Elizabeth Harrington, highlights a recent interview of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his frustration with the hostility of the Republican Party in terms of cooperation to get real solutions passed. Harrington reports Reid as saying that "Republicans are unwilling to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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