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Business necessity can be justified if it can be shown that safety and operational efficiency will suffer without the selection process in question, and if no viable alternatives are available. Professions that have traditionally justified a selection process, which results in an adverse impact, include law enforcement and military personnel. These professions tend to select for young candidates able to demonstrate physical fitness.

The Impact of Affirmative Action

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Although the American workforce still has a long ways to go before it equals the diversity of the populace (Schultz and Schultz 69-75), substantial strides have been made in a few areas. For example, the percentage of women in the workforce has reached 47% (Bureau of Labor Statistics), which is almost equal to the percent of adult women (50.8%) living in the U.S. (U.S. Census Bureau). However, reports of informal discriminatory policies by employers continue to generate biases in terms of salaries and career advancement opportunities, and women continue to dominate 'pink' collar jobs (Schultz and Schultz 69-75). African-American males continue to suffer from discriminatory policies, whether intentional or unintentional, and the result is a relatively high unemployment and underemployment rate for this demographic. Substantial improvements have been made in increasing the prevalence of disabled workers, although the surge in discrimination litigation after passage of the American Disabilities Act has resulted in increased reticence to hire disabled workers. In addition, age discrimination continues to be prevalent.


TOPIC: Term Paper on Affirmative Action Has a Long Assignment

Affirmative action policies under the law do not require preferential treatment, only the elimination of unjustified biases in the selection process. In fact, the increased number of reverse discrimination lawsuits (Schultz and Schultz 71) suggests that preferential treatment of any kind places businesses or agencies in legal jeopardy. This in turn suggests that efforts to compensate for historical wrongs based on race and gender cannot occur in the current political climate, and that the slow processes of attrition and unbiased selection will be the sole mechanisms through which workplace diversity will finally achieve equity.


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