Affirmative Action Is an Organization Essay

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According to most Americans, Affirmative Action has impulsive consequences that are likely to influence the future societies. It is likely to create separation and difference between the minority members and those on the opposite side of the periphery. The focus on someone's race destructs a cosmopolitan establishment of a society. Directly or indirectly, Affirmative Action does not inherently helping the poor in the society. The poor have continued to live in poor health, poor education, and poor governance due to being sidelined by the Affirmative Action at the prospect of giving them equality with those superior to them (Moultry, 1999). Affirmative Action seems to help only those in the middle class and other hierarchies above them. Moreover, Affirmative Action may distort the previous existence where the minority was getting integrated into the majority class and hence ending traces of intense poverty, access to basic health, and access to equitable education. The action has acted as a tool of separation between the three or two sets of people in the society.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Affirmative Action Is an Organization Assignment

Affirmative Action reiterates on the division between various group of people with respect to their races, financial capabilities, and dominance in the society. However, its positive intentions have all been turned to negative perceptions in the society. Because of this action, most people like the minority Americans feel that they are now racially sidelined. Even with the positives post by this separation or distinction, the society remains divided with parameters of division unfairly relaying to the status of the minority groups and women in the human society. For instance, one would say that Affirmative Action helps more on women and those in the middle and upper class. With those in the lower class, they only have their status defined and likely to remain as it is. The needs and magnitudes of assistance they are supposed to receive have often been futile. The way they are currently treated by the majority groups in the society says it all. Because of the effects that the action has on the society, I think that Affirmative Action is not an appropriate policy for the 21st century.

In conclusion, Affirmative Action has positive and negative significances when we consider its interpretive elements among the members of different societies. The society has equally suffered as it has gained from Affirmative action. Nonetheless, much debate is yet to come over the issue since its issues seem to take another fifty years for them to be settled and resolved in the human society (Rabe, 2001).


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