Affirmative Action Term Paper

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e. access to resources for everyone regardless of his color, race or creed. The author explains why despite the apparent similarities, he feels there exist some deep differences between the two and proves with the help of sound arguments that affirmative action is a better law than equal employment opportunity initiative. I personally believe that while other laws that seek to reward merit regardless of color and race are passive in nature and require more or less no active measures from those adopt them, affirmative action is an active initiative. The fact that it is active and requires concrete actions from all concerned parties is what makes affirmative action a more powerful and effective policy. When people are forced to participate in the creation of a fair and just society that rewards merit without taking race and gender into consideration, the process automatically creates awareness regardless the problems faced by the disadvantaged groups in the society. A passive process on the other hand destroys the very purpose of such laws since the people who should be aware of the intricacies of racial issues largely remain oblivious to the problem and its impact on the society.
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