Affordable Care Act (ACA) Essay

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ACA stipulates that the disadvantages can be minimized by ensuring that many people can access the health insurance: this includes providing assurance of access to health care. The promise of health care services with no infrastructures for developing the services raises expectations. This is a disadvantage as it becomes ethically unjust when unmet. Many people have been given insurance to access hospitals. However, all hospitals are filled to capacity because there are no new facilities. The most logical result is that more people are left to wait for long hours and when they get on, they might have to share things such as hospital beds (Praiser, 2012). Another outcome is the increased waiting time, rationed healthcare and the overall healthcare quality will decline. Special interest groups will complain because it will not be appropriate to raise taxes to cater for the increasing costs: the entire system is subject to collapse.

Solution to disadvantages

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The only solution to the above disadvantages would be a single-payer Medicaid fashion or government run Medicare system. Patients seeking treatment for skin diseases make a significant percentage of many primary care practices. Recent studies have indicated that dermatologists are superior to primary care physicians when conducting appropriate diagnosis, demanding minimal tests, and saving costs associated with unnecessary tests, hospital visits, and incorrect treatments until the appropriate diagnosis is achieved and treatment prescribed (Shaffer, 2009). Obviously most skin diseases are not life threatening but could generate a profound impact on life quality. ACA interferes with standard measures of quality life for numerous diseases such as skin diseases and this affects the quality of life. This has the potential of affecting life quality more adversely than most serious diseases like diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and malaria.


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Essay on Affordable Care Act (ACA) Is Assignment

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