Affordable Care Act Impact Political Essay

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As such proper disclosure was lapse within the scandal. In many instances, such grievances should immediately be reported to the proper athourities. However, the IRS is the primary authority and therefore the scandal erupted unbeknownst to many of the top political leaders. In order to prevent this problem in the future, proper oversight and disclosure must be tightened (Fang, 2006).

This is very important as it relates to health care overall. Lawmakers often crafted financial subsidies available under the health law as tax credits. These tax credits, as referenced by the recent scandal must have proper oversight in order to be effective. The agency already administers another major social program, the earned income tax credit, which long ago surpassed welfare as the main source of government assistance for low-income families.

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The next is proper oversight of the IRS. The IRS should move unilaterally to fix the law sitting at the root of the agency's targeting of conservative groups, according to Senate Democrats. The problem for the IRS arises in attempting to determine whether an organization is primarily involved in political activity or not. The original law as passed by Congress, as several Democratic senators noted, says 501(c)(4) organizations must be "exclusively" devoted to charitable, educational or recreational purposes.When the IRS began implementing that rule half a century ago, however, they decided that exclusively really meant not "primarily" engaged in political activity. This gave the law ambiguity which ultimately led to the scandal. As such, oversight of the organization will allow both the law and the affordable care act to be properly implemented. But figuring out just what counts as political activity and what's an educational offering tied to social welfare is often in the eye of the regulator rather than a definitive science (Lucia, 2009).

Essay on Affordable Care Act Impact Political Assignment

In conclusion, the affordable care act will have profound implications on the overall health care profession. For one, the roles and responsibilities of health care practitioners will be altered due to the mass influx of customers. Furthermore, the general customer demographic will change as more patients are insured. Finally, the training of health care professionals will be altered to reflect the overall changes in the industry. As such, the affordable care act has created an atmosphere of innovation and improvement with the industry. As such, this improvement will be a catalyst for the industry well into the future.


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