How the Affordable Care Act Is Impacting Nurses Essay

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Conversations with Three Nurse Colleagues

"Jean," an RN who has been in the field for 14 years, worries about the foreign nurses that will need to be brought into the U.S. To supplement hospitals and clinics that are short on U.S. nurses. She finds the idea of foreign nurses "unsettling" because the foreign nurses she has worked with have very different healthcare values, and their ability to convey good quality conversation in English is often lacking. But she likes the idea of nurse-managed clinics, where nurse practitioners and RNs run the show completely, without a top-heavy administration (that is typical in hospitals) and without doctors needing to be present.

Jean was raised in rural Oklahoma, and she understands the great need for healthcare services in rural areas where poverty is the norm, so she is encouraged that the Affordable Care Act can fill in the gaps for some of these very remote communities. "There are nurses that enjoy work away from the noise and crime of the big cities," she told me. "I for one would seriously consider working in a nurse-managed clinic, run by nurse practitioners, in a rural area. Those folks so appreciate good healthcare service because they have for the most part been left out of the mix."

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"Susan" was "sickened" by the loud protests and "lies" told about the Affordable Care Act during the time it was still being debated in Congress and around the country. She remembers being "outraged" by the claim that the Act had "death panels," as some politicians asserted, that would decide whether an elderly person should live or die. "I am so glad all that B.S. is over with and we can begin to see the benefits of the Act," she said. Her attitude was the same as mine: a) that millions of people are now insured who previously had no insurance; b) people can't be disqualified because of pre-existing conditions; c) children can stay on their parents' policies until they are 24; d) home is where many older people would rather stay, and thankfully the ACA allows for that to happen for many older people -- rather than be institutionalized; e) long-term healthcare is available at a reasonable cost to consumers.

Essay on How the Affordable Care Act Is Impacting Nurses Assignment

"Marcelle" is nearing retirement but she is thrilled that because of the Affordable Care Act the sky is the limit for young people coming into the nursing field. The young talent coming in will have many opportunities to find jobs that suit their interests. And many RNs will go on to get further education and become nurse practitioners, which will allow them to work in nurse-managed clinics with autonomy and good pay as well, Marcelle told me. "I remember coming into the nursing field back in the day, there weren't nearly the opportunities for young nurses at that time as they are now. My daughter is thinking about going into nursing and I told her there has never been a better time, with better pay, and better working conditions.

In conclusion, all three of the nurses I spoke with agree with me that it is wonderful that the loud (sometimes obnoxious and mean-spirited) protests against the Affordable Care Act have subsided. Some of the rude attacks on the Act were really directed at President Obama, who has endured an unbelievable number of unfair and even racist attacks throughout his presidency. But now the nursing community is digging in to become a huge driver of the Act, and though some of the changes will be challenging, nurses are ready and well-trained to handle whatever comes their way.

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