Affordable Care Act Instructions Essay

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Such legislation is within Congress's power to tax.[footnoteRef:4]" In other words, it is within the power of Congress to shape public policy through taxation, as it already does by taxing certain classes of persons and behaviors differently from others. [3: Klein, 2012] [4: Mike Sachs, "U.S. Supreme Court healthcare decision: Individual mandate survives," Huffington Post, 28 Jun 2012, [4 May 2013]]

From the point-of-view of the healthcare system, the ACA is an important step forward. Far too many Americans are uninsured, and rely upon emergency rooms as their primary centers of care. The ACA will make healthcare coverage more affordable for a wider number of Americans by broadening the risk pool to include healthier, younger adults and it also relieves many Americans of the fear that they will never be able to find health insurance, based upon a preexisting condition. The financial burdens on the healthcare system as a whole will be enhanced via expanded preventative care. It is necessary to require all Americans to have health insurance to keep the stipulation of the ACA about preexisting conditions in place; otherwise it would be too easy for people to wait until they were very sick to purchase a healthcare plan.

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The most persuasive legal argument for the ACA lies in the long-standing power of Congress and other legislative entities to tax a wide variety of behaviors to improve the social good. Still, the law's effect is actually rather modest. "Only about 6% of the population will actually be required to buy health insurance or face a tax under the mandate, since most people already have coverage or will get it through Medicare," and the very poor can always claim hardship (and are more likely to be eligible under Medicaid). [footnoteRef:5] [5: Liz Goodwin, "U.S. Supreme Court upholds individual mandate as a tax,"28 Jun 2012, [23 May 2013]]


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Essay on Affordable Care Act Instructions: Please Assignment

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