Term Paper: Affordable Care Act Can We Learn

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¶ … Affordable Care Act

Can We Learn From ACA Implementation and Improve the Law?

Most important aspects

One of the most important aspects of the article is that the Obamacare program that has been implemented in each state is essentially different. This is because the Supreme Court passed a ruling that allowed states to decide whether they wanted to adopt the Medicaid expansion. Many governors also waited for the election results to be announced before making the decision on the expansion. In addition to this, the author states that the ACA places a fundamental burden on states since they are responsible for implementing and administering the program in their state. This is what is anticipated to bring about variation in the implementation as states run these roles differently. This is important because it shows the implementation problem that exists.

The second aspect that is important is that of negotiation. The author states that there is need the current negotiations being conducted over the Medicaid expansion to bear some fruits. Obamacare can only be successful if the Human and Health Services department make agreements with the states that allow them to be flexible and at the same time allow for beneficiaries to be protected. This will bring on more states that had previously voted against the expansion and will also increase the support for the ACA.

The third aspect that is important is that of media coverage. The author states that media coverage is important in affecting the ability of states to learn and adapt towards Medicaid expansion. The author states that if journalists adopt a broader view and look at both what is working and what is not working, they can help the public make informed decisions about the ACA as well as implementation of improvement efforts in the future. This is important because it will portray the real picture of the Obamacare implementation to the public.

Two aspects that are not understood

The author states that 7 different states are planning "active purchaser" exchanges Altman, 2013.

The author then goes ahead to say that these are efforts to control soaring premium prices and that states should look at a more active purchase model. This is confusing because Obamacare is aimed at ensuring health care insurance for all. Therefore there is no need to worry about premium prices for other health insurance covers since this is already the goal of the ACA. This interfered with my understanding of the article since it got me confused about the goals of the ACA.

The second confusing aspect is the issue of journalists. Though it is well-known that media coverage of the ACA implementation seems skewed towards the negative, the media has also focused on the positive aspects of Obamacare. In some areas, the media has even tried to present a case for Obamacare despite its apparent weaknesses. This is confusing since the author seems to be calling for more positive coverage which is already being done.

Question to the author or legislators

For this article, the question that can be asked to the legislators is on the efforts that they have put towards rewriting the wrongs of Obamacare. Basically, the question would focus on the steps that they have taken to ensure that implementation of the ACA is smoothened and that the problems that have been experienced so… [END OF PREVIEW]

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