Africa and Its Diaspora Term Paper

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As the document nears its end, it turns more toward a call for the African people to stop allowing this kind of thing to happen, and to stop simply going along with what others have said about them or with the way others think that they should be acting. This is not a call for rebellion or overthrow, but rather a call to equality and a deeper understanding of their history and heritage.

Analyzing this document in a critical fashion is somewhat difficult. This is due to the fact that whether one is of African descent could strongly affect the feelings that are invoked when this document is read. Of course, this is just a generalization of the way that races and cultures feel, and not everyone will share that view. However, it seems that there might be a difference between the way Africans and Europeans view this article. From a European point-of-view, in general, the article might appear very inflammatory and might sound as though the African people are being asked to rise up against the oppression of others and change the history that has been created for them. In this way, the article would read as a call to arms and would sound dangerously deviant and problematic.

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However, for those of an African descent, and those that are willing to look beyond their own beliefs and suspend the prejudices that they seem to have toward the African people, the document can be seen as a cry for equality and justice. There is a strong desire expressed in the document to be equal and to be recognized for the accomplishments that the African people have in their own right, instead of being tacked onto the history of other individuals such as Europeans. The desire of the African people to have their own history and to embrace their own beliefs is a strong one, and it can only happen if there are those who are willing to speak up and work to make changes that can benefit all of the African people in their history and for the future as well.

Term Paper on Africa and Its Diaspora the Assignment

There are many conclusions that can be drawn from a careful reading of this document, but the most obvious one is that it appears that the African people are still dealing with oppression and the pain that comes from feeling that they really do not belong to any one group. This pain has not gone away over the years, and many Africans, whether they live in their home land or somewhere else, are finding that their culture is being hidden and discounted to make room for the culture of others. Because many Africans do not think about Africa as being the center of things, they accept ideas that are largely European in origin and allow them to permeate their thoughts, instead of looking toward Africa and allowing it to dominate their thoughts and their cultural experiences.

It is one thing to live by the rules that have been set by others in a community, but it is another thing entirely to change one's culture, ignore one's heritage, and see everything from the point-of-view of others. It is important for the African people to be able to see the point-of-view and beliefs of the Europeans, but it is equally important for the Europeans to see that there are other points-of-view, and to recognize that these have value and worth as well. This is something that is largely missing from the equation. However, the central concern of the African people, no matter where they live, should not be what the Europeans think of them, but what they think of themselves. Whether they are comfortable with who they are culturally and whether they have a clear understanding of their beliefs and their history is the most important issue that they deal with today, and it has the most significance for… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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