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So here we go.

Adiat Disu is the founder, chief communications officer at Adiree PR & Communications, and the director of Africa Fashion Week. Most importantly, Adiat is a tireless ambassador -- the wind beneath the wings -- of African fashion entrepreneurs, and she is always focused on positioning entrepreneurs for success and contributing to economic growth in Africa through fashion. The synergy between Adiat's business acumen and passion for fashion has been widely recognized. She shared the stage with Diane van Furstenberg when speaking to African Women Delegates at the United Nations, during the African Women Entrepreneurship Program. Following Hillary Clinton's keynote address, Adiat spoke about the challenges and opportunities of competing globally to African Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Washington D.C. Adiat's trajectory from the diaspora to one of New York City's movers and shakers in fashion has covered in mainstream media by CNN, Forbes magazine, the L.A. Times, and the Washington Post, and by Arise TV and Black Enterprise. Prepare to be awed by Adiat's incredible story and her commitment to changing consumer thoughts and behavior towards Africa.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Creative Writing on Africa Fashion Week NY Assignment

Award-winning David Tlale will focus the Celebrity Spotlight on design and the launching of a brand. In 2003, David won the Elle New Talent in South Africa contest, and after collecting many industry awards, he is back as a judge for Elle. David has been named Best Designer by the Sunday Times in South Africa, appointed "Head Designer for Carducci Woman" under the House of Monatic Group in Cape Town South Africa, and was selected as one of only four young South African fashion designers to present their collection during Paris Couture week. David was voted Most Stylish Designer at the South African Style Awards, voted Mzansi's South Africa's Star Designer of the year, and nominated for the Mercedes-Benzes Fashion and Art Awards. Clearly, David Tiale is recognized as a global design force, and his conversations with us will be as unforgettable as his long list of nominations and accolades.

A.O. Solomon will speak about faith, inspiration, and motivation. As the founder of Shadow of the Almighty Ministries, Solomon is a spiritual guide to thousands, with a ministry that has grown into ten branches across the United States, and a prayer-line with a worldwide presence, that ministers to more than seven thousand participants daily. Solomon was born and raised in Nigeria, where he grew up in a Muslim home, but eventually gave his life to Jesus Christ. He has been in the ministry for about 20 years, and has written a number [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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