Africa My Favorite Place in the World Essay

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¶ … Algeria to Zimbabwe, Africa is the most incredible and compelling continent on the planet. African history is the history of humanity itself, as the first human beings came from Africa. The continent has had a tumultuous history and recent turmoil can be traced to the effects of colonization. In spite of the troubles that affect many African nations, the continent remains one of my favorite places in the world to travel and to live. Africa's cultures and cuisines are incredibly varied. Its ecosystems are equally as diverse, ranging from arid deserts to lush rainforests. Because of its diversity of cultural traditions, its rich and varied foods, and its wonderful ecosystems, Africa is my favorite place on the planet.

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Africa is a huge continent comprised of over fifty countries, and has an even greater number of different religions, languages, and cultural traditions. Northern Africa is a world unto itself. The countries of Northern Africa including Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt have been strongly influenced by Muslim and Arabic cultures. Also, the history of North Africa is especially fascinating because of ancient Egypt. One of the reasons why I love Africa is because of this rich ancient civilization that built the pyramids. A large portion of the North African desert is home to semi-nomadic people too, making that region of Africa fascinating to visit. On the other hand, large portions of Africa are still represented by stationary tribes people who practice age-old dances, religious rites, and social customs. Much of Africa was divided into kingdoms such as the Ashanti. West Africa has a strong and varied tradition that includes the Yoruba religion that informed so many of the Caribbean cultures. South Africa has its own distinct culture and history and has been influenced strongly by the European settlers. Ethiopia also differs significantly from the rest of Africa, as does Kenya.

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