Africa Since Independence Review Reaction Paper

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South Africa, for example, is becoming a nation that acknowledges its entire history, and is starting to embrace the whole of it. Native tribes and Afrikaaner people alike can be proud of the progress the nation has made (Bauer & Taylor).

Legum is very optimistic regarding the future of the continent. He sees the return of those first moments of euphoria that accompanied the original freedom from colonialism (72). He says this because it has been a cultural revolution in which people who were long made to suppress their heritage have now been able to embrace it. He believes that the Africa of the past will spread a new renaissance that the people of the present and future can enjoy.

One nation that comes to mind as a similar case is Australia. The indigenous people of that nation are fast realizing a cultural renaissance because they are allowed now, even encouraged to, explore who they are historically. Many South Pacific nations are having the same kind of feelings as they get closer to their roots. The similarities between many of these and Africa as a group of nations is impressive.

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One issue that Legum does point out is that Africa has a difficult relationship with the West. The countries of the West were worried, when colonialism ended after World War II, how the nations of Africa would align themselves. Legum is worried that many nations of the West treated the post-colonization period like former slaves were treated in the United States after the Civil War. The nations were left on their own, to shift for themselves, and this seemed to cause many to accept forms of government which caused them to devolve to third world nations (Legum 69). But, there seems to a new spirit. Many nations are beginning to prosper with new trade deals, with both the West and the East, and this can be seen as a positive thing. Legum seems to believe that Africa will survive by becoming what it was prior to colonialism.


TOPIC: Reaction Paper on Africa Since Independence Review Africa, Assignment

Africa is a continent that many in the past saw as a single entity with similar (if not the same) culture, politics, and religion throughout the continent. The European nations that colonized the various areas of Africa regarded the people as primitive and as needing guidance from more advanced societies. Since the nations have regained their independence over the past 70 years, they have shown the diversity and stability that was possible from the beginning. Africa has begun to come full circle and that is the central theme of the book by Mr. Legum.

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