African-American History the Nationalism Movement of Biafra Term Paper

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African-American History

The Nationalism Movement of Biafra

What every happened to the nation of Biafra after the Nigerian-Biafra Civil War in 1967 to 1970? Many people have forgotten Biafra and its' fight for independence. However, the natives of Biafra, the Igbo peoples, are still fighting for their own nation, 35 years after their fledging country disappeared back into the boundaries of Nigeria.

Today, a majority of the Igbo people are still fighting for independence. Their nationalist movement does not receive much media attention, but it is there, nonetheless. Those who advocate freedom and nationality for the Biafran nation cite atrocities and religious intolerance from the Nigerian Federal Government as some of their reasons for still hoping for freedom. According to one group fighting for independence, after the end of the Civil War in 1970, the Nigerian government imposed several sanctions on the former Biafrans, including confiscation of property, (the government called it "abandoned"), seized assets of Biafrans, and continually harassed and attacked Biafrans ("Biafra Case"). Atrocities continued throughout the 35 years since the war, with the Nigerian government denying allegations of harassment and prejudice, while Biafrians continued to chronicle atrocities.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on African-American History the Nationalism Movement of Biafra Assignment

In 1999, several Islamic nations developed in Northern Nigeria, and since, then, Biafrans have suffered religious persecution and harassment. Biafra freedom fighters note, "Though supposedly applicable to only Muslims, non-Muslims [are] being forced to obey Islamic law; [and there is a] direct assault on [the] secularity of [the] Nigerian constitution" ("Biafra Case"). Biafrans fear attacks by the Nigerian religious police called the "Hisbah," who search for businesses that defy Muslim law, (such as bars and other businesses owned by Igbos). Conflicts between government soldiers and civilians are common, and Biafrans constantly live in fear for their lives. These are only some of the reasons most Biafrans still hope for their own independent nation.

While the Biafrans are surrounded by violence and corruption in the Nigerian Government, (Nigeria was… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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