African-American Literature/Music on America/American Culture Research Paper

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The most important thing is for them to know that the same principle applies when it comes to the music they enjoy today.


Some of the aims were as follows;

Students keenly listening to teachers selected artists which could enable them grasp the content.

Students being able to critically analyze and discuss various aspects of music and artists

Discussing majorly rhythms, lyrics and dynamics and weighing the intent of artists.

Students coming out with their observations by drawing comparisons and contrasting features


Engage students in writing their observation, ideas and opinions. Provision of video, so that students can observe the rhythm of the songs as well as the rhythm of intensity of the sequence of steps and movement in dance groups and intensify their delivery (George, Games, etl. 2006).Enable students observe the size of the funk bands and consider the amount of commitment, cooperation and skill required to produce the music.


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3. Monson, Ingrid, and Freedom Sounds: Civil Rights Call Out to Jazz and Africa. New York: Oxford University Press, 2007Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Research Paper on African-American Literature/Music on America/American Culture Assignment

4. Radano, Ronald…
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