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Since little is known about how African-American mothers actually react to suicides committed by a son, there is little knowledgeable help that the therapeutic community can give to them. It is known that grief is a very private event, maybe even more private in this community because of institutional lack of trust, so getting mothers to tell relate how they have been effected will be central to making sure that other mothers in a similar situation are able to receive better regulated assistance from helping professionals. The body of research in any field is necessary to formulate treatment plans, and the lack of knowledge in this area prevents such plans to be made to any realistic extent. The study can continue the dialogue on suicide in the African-American community, describe the role of spirituality in relationship to suicide, as well as discuss what programs/resources were utilized and are available in the community. It can also serve as a means to develop new programs which increase the effectiveness of the help given to African-American mothers.

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The data supporting suicide prevention in the African-American community has largely been taken from studies conducted on the numbers that arise from census and CDC data which does not discuss reasons for phenomena. The data gives researchers a firm look at trends such as the rise in rate of suicides, but it is little able to help researchers develop effective means to help the survivors of the suicide. Since the African-American family unit is highly matriarchal, it would follow that mothers are affected to a greater degree than other members of the family or community. Also, suicide seems an even more senseless method of death than community violence, so it is inherently more difficult for the survivors to deal with.

TOPIC: Essay on African-American Males Are More Likely Assignment

This study seeks to add understanding specific areas of research (African-American male suicide, effect on mothers), but it also seeks to determine what factors increase the incidence of this problem in the community. Birth order has been studied extensively as it related to suicide, but it is one factor that has received little attention in the African-American community. Educational attainment is another area where needed knowledge can be gained. Some studies relate that a higher education level is more conducive to suicide whereas others have shown the opposite effect. It is necessary to see what, if any, effect educational attainment has on the commission of suicide by a young African-American male, but it is also necessary to determine if the mother's educational level has an effect on whether she is able to successfully use intervention methods.

African-American mothers respond to these events differently than their counterparts in other races and ethnicities, but their specific reaction to suicide has been not been the subject of enough research. It may be assumed that therapy is less effective for this population because of their inherent distrust of the system, but that is, as yet, an unknown quantity. It may also be helpful to determine whether intervention from members of their own race would be more or less effective… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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