African Development Countries Essay

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Premise 2: The Africans wanted to control their own governments and were ill-prepared.

Therefore: Europeans are responsible for many of the difficulties in Africa at the current historical moment because they did not prepare the people.

Inductive Reasoning -- strong

Third Body Paragraph:

Premise 1: Many of the tribes of Africa hunted and gathered for food.

Premise 2: Industrialization was heavily used by agricultural societies.

Therefore: It was more difficult for the tribes to convert to industry if they were hunter/gatherers.

Inductive Reasoning -- weak

Premise 1: Different tribes and groups did not live together in pre-colonial Africa.

Premise 2: Colonizers forced different tribes to live together.

Therefore: Europeans created situations where disparate groups were forced together and did not or could not get along. '

Inductive Reasoning -- weak

The argument is weak because it does not illustrate if the animosity between the tribes was directly caused by the European separation and inclusion of them.


Main Terms:

Development -- the process of developing or being developed; a state of growth or advancement

Underdevelopment -- state of inadequate development

Sovereignty -- supreme power or authority

Colonization -- the act of colonizing

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This paper is good but there could be stronger arguments for how the situation might be improved. Since the issue is such a complex one and the issue seems to be more complicated than this relatively short paper explains. If there were stronger evidence or if perhaps the paper were more limited in scope, say to one country instead of the entire continent of Africa, the persuasion would be more effective. The paper does prove that Africa is underdeveloped and that the people suffer because of it, but it is still vague. This too would be aided with the specification of one nation or region instead of the whole of the continent. One of the major issues discussed in the paper is the danger of human life in Africa from disease, such as that carried by flies. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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