African Nations: Social and Political Inequality Essay

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As you point out, domestic violence is a serious social problem. Just as in the case of homelessness, domestic violence typically results from other unresolved social and personal problems and is also an independent cause of social and personal problems in individuals exposed to it. Moreover, domestic violence is also multigenerational and cyclical, occurring repeatedly in successive relationships and also in generation after generation. It contributes to an insidious process in which exposure to domestic violence increases the likelihood that children will become either offenders in their adult relationships or that they will become prone to being victimized by domestic violence based on learned expectations and patterning of behaviors in their families of origin.

As you suggest, one of the most complex aspects of this problem is the extent to which it is subject to stigmatization and shame among victims. That plays a significant role in their perpetually subjecting themselves to abusive situations and environments. Unfortunately, the problem is cyclical in that exposure to and victimization by domestic violence undermines self-esteem and low self-esteem is a precipitating factor in further victimization as well being a barrier to seeking the benefit of social resources that may be available.

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Essay on African Nations: Social & Political Inequality Assignment

Your post seems to suggest that the disabled are still subject to widespread discrimination in contemporary American society. I would be curious to know whether you believe the various aspects of equal opportunity legislation enacted in the U.S. since the 1960s (and particularly in 1990) have made a substantial difference in that problem. I was under the impression that employment discrimination (especially) against the disabled has been sharply reduced since the Americans with Disability (ADA) Act of 1990. I would also be curious to know whether you believe that individuals suffering from certain types of disabilities are better protected against discrimination that individuals suffering from other types of disabilities and what factors you believe may be responsible for that difference. For example, I would imagine that mental disabilities might be much more subject to discrimination by virtue of stigmatization as well as because individuals suffering from mental disabilities might be more reluctant to assert their status to benefit from protections available under appropriate legislation.

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I would disagree with one point in your post: namely, that women do not represent a large population. I believe that women represent more than half of the population which would actually make them the largest identifiable group potentially subject to discrimination and prejudice to the extent that it exists. While I completely agree that women should have the same employment rights and opportunities as men, I would be curious to know whether you think that there are any aspects of gender that might make certain occupations more challenging for women based strictly on undeniable anatomical differences, for example. Specifically, I would ask whether you believe that hiring standards and qualification tests (such as for firefighting and law enforcement positions, since you mentioned them) should use the same standards for all candidates or whether you believe that female applicants should have to meet lower standards, such as in… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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