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¶ … against abortion. The writer explores the moral and medical issues of abortion and argues that abortion should not be legal as each person is a gift. There were four sources used to complete this paper.

Statistical research indicates that America is the leading nation in the incidence of abortion with more than 1 million being performed annually. In addition, research also shows that 88% of American abortions are performed before the twelfth week of pregnancy. Adolescents are more likely to wait until the pregnancy is further along before seeking an abortion, while their adult counterparts usually seek one as early as possible (Hanks, 2002).

About 4% of abortions were performed after 15 weeks of gestation, with an additional 1.2%-1.3% after 21 weeks (Hanks, 2002).

Abortion, while a medical procedure, is surrounded by controversy while people line up on the for and against sides of the issue. Those who are pro-choice point to the fact that it is a woman's body and as such she should have the right to decide whether or not to carry a pregnancy to term (Hanks, 2002). Those who oppose abortion believe that it is murder.

While there may have been some argument for the use of abortion many years ago when birth control was non-existent and children born out of wedlock had no legal standing nor were they viewed kindly by society, that is no longer the case (Hanks, 2002).

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Today, there is no excuse for "accidental pregnancies" and children born out of wedlock are simply children with all the legal rights and loves that go with it. The next baby aborted in the U.S. may have gone on to cure cancer, become a famous dancer, or written a classic work of literature. When two people make the decision to have sexual relations they become responsible for the results of that decision. Birth control is accurate enough now that any unplanned pregnancy really shouldn't be a surprise. With the birth control available now, and the equal treatment of children regardless of their parents' marital status abortions are unethical and morally wrong.

Term Paper on Against Abortion. The Writer Explores the Moral Assignment

The Debate

For many years, Americans have lined up on both sides of the abortion dilemma. Those who are pro-choice believe that a woman should have the right to decide whether to carry a pregnancy full term. In addition they cite the fact that a baby born to a non-interested mother will not be treated with love and compassion (Hanks, 2002).

Those against abortion argue that abortion kills living beings, and that there are many couples in the world waiting to adopt and love a baby born to someone else.

Abortion disputes can be found on television, on radio, in political speeches, in newspapers, and on the Internet. Politicians' positions on abortions have sometimes subordinated other major campaign issues and played a major role in election outcomes. Abortion has even dominated Supreme Court justice selection procedures (Hanks, 2002)."

Those who seek abortions must often deal with guilt and society judgments as they make their way through the abortion process and aftercare.

To date there has been little research with regard to the psychological impact of abortions.

The research that is out there alleges that women suffer some very short-term psychological distress while other research concluded that women who have abortions often suffer from long-term psychological issues including anxiety and depression (Hanks, 2002).

The insight that there is some connection between the issues of abortion and the care of children is not uncommon. A number of scholars make the initial observation that there is a link between the two. But efforts to understand more fully how they relate have been less than satisfactory (Whitmore, 1993)."

Argument against Abortion

There are many reasons that abortions are wrong, including moral, philosophical, and medical. One of the stronger arguments against abortion is that the act of abortion devalues the very basic concept of human life (Whitmore, 1993).

Whether one believes that human life comes from a God, a different higher power or powers or evolution, few people would argue about the wonder and awe that the creation of a human life entails (Whitmore, 1993).

From a spiritual angle it is the gift of life that carries one through the world doing good deeds and promoting the love of each other.

From a philosophical angle the gift of life is a gift that is meant to perpetuate itself through self-reflection and the discovery of the meaning of life.

The medical angle believes that abortions are difficult on the body and more importantly medical science cannot at this point say with certainty that the fetus being aborted does not feel pain and agony during the process of being killed.

The major premise consists of the claim that human life is a basic value, and so entails a fundamental right to life. The minor premise is the claim that the fetus is a human person. Both are assumed from the start of the document when, in reference to public discussions of abortion, it states, "These debates would be less grave were it not a question of human life, a primordial value, which must be protected and promoted (Whitmore, 1993)." common practice before one can obtain an abortion is to require the women to wait at least 24 hours from the time they request an abortion to getting the procedure done. This is used for a "cooling off period" during which time the woman has a chance to think about her decision and change her mind if she wants to before it is to late to turn back (Simmons, 2000).

The very fact that this cooling off period is deemed necessary in many states let's one know that the abortion is an extremely stressful and controversial step from which one may later suffer extreme psychological harm (Simmons, 2000).

The moral debate surrounding abortions has gone on for a little more than three decades and continues to rage in many life circles.

It is not difficult to figure out why those who are pro-choice insist on the explanation that a fetus is not yet a person. If they were to admit that a fetus is a living human being then to legalize and allow abortions would be to legalize and allow murder as defined in the 14th amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America (McClanahan, 2003).

That amendment says that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law. If it is determined and agreed on that a fetus is a human being then performing an abortion would actually be a commission of murder (McClanahan, 2003).

Many believe that the 12-week rule in which an abortion can be obtained without restrictions has to do with when the fetus becomes "appealing." The fetus at this age becomes more human looking however one only has to look at various medical journals to determine that the fetus actually moves, grows, and feels at a younger gestation age than 12 weeks (McClanahan, 2003).

Religious Reasons

Among the strongest debates in America with regard to abortions are the religious arguments or debates.

Religious traditions have clearly played an important role in the abortion debate. Several have served as centers of moral outrage over the prevalence of abortions in the U.S. (Johnson, 2005); yet, certain groups have also raised strong arguments in favor of a pro-choice position (Johnson, 2005). Abortion is the pivotal issue that brought Protestant Fundamentalists into the political fray at the national level (Johnson, 2005). It also motivated the founding of the Moral Majority in the 1970s (Johnson, 2005). Debates about abortion have served to polarize the Catholic community. Although the official policy of the Catholic Church involves an extreme pro-life position (Johnson, 2005)."

When viewing abortion from a religious point-of-view, one has to determine whether or not the act of abortion is against the faith or the beliefs.

In most cases, abortion is against the doctrine of the faith regardless of which faith that it is.

Many spiritual groups believe that life begins at conception because if a higher power did not intend for that particular person to be born the pregnancy would not have happened.

If life begins at conception then to allow an abortion would be to condone a killing. Other groups believe that to take away a life by having an abortion will bring back bad karma to everyone involved.

The Hindu faith believes that each time a person is born it is because he or she did not finish doing all of the good deeds he or she was sent to earth to do in a previous life, therefore they are returning to do more.

If an abortion is allowed, then that person is not able to complete the tasks that he or she is sent here to do and the abortion actually interferes with the spiritual cycle of life.

Those who believe in reincarnation believe that each time a person is born it is really just a manifestation of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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