Against Same Sex Marriage Essay

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Same-Sex Marriage


Specific purpose: I stand here today to convince you of the evils that are presented by the possibility of the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Central Idea: Same-sex marriage goes against the Bible, it is a dangerous slippery slope, and most importantly, it is utterly un-American.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I propose to you that our society is on the brink of destruction. As a society, we have moved so far away from our moral conscience that the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in not one, but two cases this past month that threaten to destroy the very fabric of our lives, the bonds that tie us together and create our families. If the United States legalizes same-sex marriage, the country will not only stand in opposition to the Lord and the Holy Bible, but it will be inviting the destruction of civilization itself. The legalization of same-sex marriage will serve as another step along a slippery slope that will endanger the future of our children, removing their rightful inheritance of a Christian and moral society. Finally, just in case you did not think that going against God and nature was reason enough to oppose same-sex marriage, such a decision would also be in direct opposition of the constitution of the United States, a document that our forefathers and ancestors fought dearly to ratify. We cannot allow their sacrifices to have been in vain. We MUST, as a Christian, moral nation oppose same-sex marriage with every ounce of our being.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Against Same Sex Marriage Assignment

But why should you listen to me? Who am I to speak on this important issue that our country is facing? I am a proud, American citizen, just like you. Like all of you, I have been raised to respect our nation, to respect the sacrifices of those who came before us that allowed for this nation to grow and to prosper. Like you, I am pursuing the American Dream, the promise of life, liberty and justice. Like many of you, I want to have a happy and healthy family. I want to have children who are safe, protected and happy. As you can see, we share many of the same life goals. We share many of the same dreams. We have the same values. As loyal, patriotic, moral American citizens, it is our duty to oppose same-sex marriage and I invite you to listen closely to my specific reasons.

Transition: Ladies and Gentlemen - and I warn you -- if same-sex marriage is legalized, we may no longer be able to begin speeches in such a traditional and historic way. But nonetheless, while… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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