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¶ … macro and micro influences on the writer's life. Rather than use an autobiographical essay this paper presents a sociological look at life through the experiences of the writer throughout life.

Macro sociology is the study of large groups and/or whole societies.

When I was a very small child I remember going to preschool. I was very excited to go because my older brother had gone and he had come home every day and shared the details of his experience with me. I was ready by the time September rolled around. I remember racing into the classroom to discover the world that I had been missing out on the previous year when I was stopped at the door by the teacher.

She told me that ladies did not run and that we were to conduct ourselves with dignity.

That affected my mind and feelings in a macro sense as it provided me with an early framework about what was expected of me as a young woman, at least from this very tall, and older teacher's standpoint.

Later on during that first week I encountered another example of macro effect through the gender issues at preschool when all of the little girls were playing with the house area of the room. It was a little area set up to provide fun in pretending to cook, iron and other household duties.

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I remember I went to the other side of the room where the little boys were playing with trucks. I chose a bright red fire truck, because my aunt is a fire fighter and I sat down to play when an older boy took the truck away from me and told me that I should go play house with the girls.

Both of these instances affected from a macro standpoint as it helped me define who I was in society, though it was a negative picture.

Term Paper on Agents of Socialization Assignment

At that point in my young life I was educated that women belong in the kitchen and that women like my aunt, who I had always been proud of for being a firefighter was not a normal woman and was in fact someone I needed to be ashamed of.

When it came to the micro impact that it had on me I know it was an intense one. I had always been encouraged at home to be and do whatever I wanted.

There were no gender roles and I was not expected to play with dolls any more than my brother was expected to play with trucks, however, this preschool experience was so important to me that I was easily led to believe that my place within the class group was to be a little girl and not cross the barriers set by society with regard to gender.

Church held much the same types of messages for me. At our church I remember going to the preschool Sunday school and being told I was to grow up to become a Methodist maiden while my brother was set to be a Royal Ranger.

These were similar to scout names and the differences were subtle. They definitely were gender biased and divided girls and boys to become little housewives and rulers of the world.

The one area in which I was not indoctrinated to the gender differences at a young age was socializing outside of preschool. I was invited to birthday parties and other events of both boys and girls with equal regularity. I don't think I was ever told I was not invited because of my gender. This affected me in a macro way with a positive spin as it placed a small spark of hope within my heart that boys and girls were indeed equal after all.


During my early school years I was provided the opportunity to excel because I was academically gifted. When I entered first grade I was allowed to go into the third grade reading group in a third grade classroom.

This impacted me in several ways from a sociological standpoint. At the early grade levels being smart is something to be proud of.

I was given special treatment because of my advanced reading ability and I was taught through that experience that it was a positive aspect of life to be able to read so well. My first grade friends believed that I knew much more than I did because of the fact that I was allowed to go to another classroom for my reading and several third grade students would invite me to play with them on the playground during recess.

From a macro viewpoint of society I learned that being smart or advanced provided advantages and I am embarrassed to admit it made me believe that smart people were better than people of lesser intelligence or academic ability.

I think it is possible that coming out of my preschool experience where I was pretty much shuffled into a preconceived mindset of who I should b and how I should think based on my gender alone I was so happy to be able to excel at something that the idea shaped my belief about society in general.

That macro effectiveness made its way across most areas of my life. When I went to Sunday school that year and the teacher discovered my ability to read she too treated me differently. Suddenly I was the teacher's pet and asked to help teach the class by reading the lessons out loud.

I felt that again, people who read well were smart and smart people were given better opportunities in life than not so smart individuals were. I developed an attitude that I could only associate with my equals and this caused me to miss out on may friends during my early childhood school years. I refused to play with those who were not in specialized groups for reading.

My family did not treat me as different based on then fact that I could read well. In fact I remember my mother telling me several times that everybody has gifts and talents and I needed to focus on appreciating the talents of others instead of dismissing them out of hand.

The ability to read well did get me treated differently by school administrators however, and it created a mindset for me that advanced equals superior in many areas, not just the one academic area of advancement. I fully believed at that young age that I would grow up to be extremely successful based on my advanced reading ability.

It was not long however, before I was taken down a few notches.

The media fed into my early formation and macro affect when it came to my school abilities. Each year they would broadcast the national spelling bee winner, the national history bee winner and other children who were extraordinary in their abilities in school. It provided me with validation for my beliefs that I belonged to an elite set of young people who would go on to cure the worst diseases, and take care of the world in ways that average readers could not hope to do.

It was during these early school years that I realized gender did not make the difference, but ability is where the difference between good and bad was provided by society.

Wow were my eyes later opened.


As an adolescent I was forced into several realities from a sociological viewpoint as my gender became important not only to the general scheme of life but also in my gifted abilities in school.

As I entered the years of middle school I had begun to pride myself on not only being intelligent but on keeping up with the boys in all academic areas. Because of my early indoctrination into life with regard to gender roles it had become important to me to compete and beat the males in my classroom.

Whether it was reading, history, spelling or math I was excelling for the purposes of proving that girls and boys are in fact equal.

My family life did nothing to argue that point. I was always treated with respect and dignity. There were no female or make chores in my house. I was told to take out the trash and my brother was told to do the dishes. In fact we believed that the only division of chores in hour house was that adults did not have to do them as long as they had children to do them instead.

My father had been a school teacher and my mother was a biologist. I am sure that played in part some of the responsibility for us being raised that gender equality should be a given. My mother graduated from college in a field that had been make dominated since its inception and she excelled at what she did. She was able to succeed in an industry that barely recognized females and she was able to become a supervisor during an era in which… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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