Aging Biological, Psychosocial, and Developmental Essay

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This perspective is continuous and recognizes the various developments that occur during specific age periods and is utilized in studies in many areas of science such as psychology and anthropology. Another attribute of this perspective is that it is contextual; an individual constantly acts and reacts to situations based on past events, biological makeup, physical environment and social and cultural events (Hernandez, 2008).

Three main developmental domains are recognized in this perspective (Boyd and Bee, 2006). The physical domain encompasses the bodily changes an individual experiences including transformations in height, weight, shape as well as puberty. Also included in this domain are an individual's perception of self and the world. The cognitive domain deals with events such as thinking, the process an individual goes through during while making decisions and memory. All cognitive functions are categorized within this domain. The third domain is social. This social domain encompasses the flux associated with relationships between the individual and others. Studies of social skills and research on individual differences in personality fall into this category.


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None of the theories proposed can claim sufficient evidence to account for the aging effects that are witnessed and experienced in humans. Though we do not know why we age, we do know that longevity has increased and by that the possibility that the aging process has slowed. In all of these perspectives the common theme is change.

TOPIC: Essay on Aging Biological, Psychosocial, & Developmental Assignment

Healthcare professionals need to communicate and collaborate across disciplines, as well as use a uniform common language to enhance communication. It is imperative that nurses analyze these theories and place emphasis on the quality of life of older adults. Furthermore society should develop a positive view of older adults and their potential within society. Older adults are unique individuals with valuable life experiences that should be utilized. Society must change or eliminate stereotypes about older adults.


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