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The Baroque era (ca. 1600 to 1750), much like the art that was produced during this time, was composed of many dimensions -- spacious and dynamic, colorful, theatrical, opulent and extravagant, all of which were highly influenced by a number of contemporary political and social events. For the artist, this was an age of discovery, due in part to the rise of national powers that attempted to colonize the entire world. Wars and other disputes based on political and social differences were everywhere, particularly in Europe and North America. The rise in scientific discoveries by such figures as Newton and Kepler inspired many Baroque artists to create works of art that "embraced all the spaces of the celestial world and the spaces of the microcosm within an unfolding universe" (Tapie 56).

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Perhaps most importantly, the art of this era was influenced by the Catholic reaction to the advancement of Protestantism. Overall, the political and social aspects of this time is best illustrated by Gianlorenzo Bernini's the Ecstasy of St. Teresa, a life-size, marble sculpture, presently located in the Cornaro Chapel of the Church of Santa Maria della Vitorria in Rome. This magnificent work of art "draws upon the full resources of architecture, sculpture and painting" and symbolizes the social power of the Cornaro family via its location in the chapel, for on either side are sculptured opera boxes in which portraits of the Cornaro family "represent an audience watching with intent piety the denouement of a heavenly drama" which, in effect, reveals "the remote mysteries of religion as they descend to meet the social world of man" (Tapie 83).

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In contrast to the Baroque Era, the Rococo style is so closely related to the social and political ramifications of King Louis XIV, also known as the "Sun King," that the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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