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Agriculture Industry

The agricultural industry is one of the most important sectors of any country. It helps enhance the economy of a country by producing goods that can be sold in and out of the country and by creating thousands of job opportunities for the people. Not only that; the agricultural industry is also sharing significant contribution to the health sector of the country because of the industry's main products. Because of these, all other sectors of a country, particularly the educational sector, has also seen opportunities where the two sectors education and agriculture - can be interconnected and would mutually benefit from each other.

If the schools and universities would advocate the consumption of agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables, more and more students will benefit academically, mentally and physically. In the same manner, if more students will be encouraged to eat and use agricultural products in their daily life, the overall agricultural sector will continue to boom. As it is evident that both the schools and the agricultural sector would benefit if consumption of fruits and vegetables will be highlighted and promoted in schools, both sectors should then realize some approaches on how to initiate such action.

It would then be a very good starting point if there will be activities in schools which will focus on the benefits of continuous consumption of agricultural products. To do so, the agricultural industry must establish series of information dissemination through instigating a number of student group activities and student-teacher forums in schools.

Group activities can be tree planting or vegetable planting of the students. This can be made more exciting by making it seem like a contest - it may be on a year level or by-section contest - with which the winning group will be earning a special price.… [END OF PREVIEW]

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