Ahmed Shihoon, a Student Essay

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The first reason is to learn the application of the accounting principles within the real world business environment. Before the internship, I have not yet learnt all the application of the accounting concepts that I have learnt in the school. The internship assists me to understand the application of the accounting principles that I have learnt in the school.

Safa Co., Ltd. has the accounting department that maintains and manages financial aspects of the company stores scattered all over Saudi Arabia. I decide to do my internship with the company to understand the strategy the company employs to prepare the financial and management accounting to their advantages. Typically, the internship has assisted me to understand how the company manages the financial aspects for all its 400 shops. The internship has also made me to understand how the company complies with the accounting rules and regulations of the country.

Moreover, I choose the company to understand the interpersonal relations among workers. Although. I have learnt about the interpersonal relationship among workers in my coursework, however, I choose the company for my internship to understand how the interpersonal relationship really happens within a working environment, and its effect on the organizational efficiency. My chosen company for the internship has made me to understand that interpersonal relationships among workers enhances the organizational efficiency, apart from increasing productivity, the effective interpersonal relationships improves customer retentions.


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Selection Process for the Internship Placement

Essay on Ahmed Shihoon, a Student of Assignment

I submitted the application for the internship position at Safa Co. Headquarter at the company human resources. Although, I submitted the application to multiple companies, however, my priority was to do my internship at the Safa Co Ltd. A week after submitting the application, one of the company officials called me that I should attend the interview, and the third day. I attended the interview at the stipulated date. One of the questions asked was to state the reason for choosing their company for the internship. My answer was that the Safa Company had one of the best working environment in the country and doing the internship with the company would assist me to learn the application of the accounting concepts within the best working environment, which the company was offering. A week after the interview, I received an offer letter from the company. Below is the copy of the internship offer letter.


Safa Co. LTD.

Internship Offer Litter

Mohammed bin shihon.

I accepted the offer letter and started the work on 21 December 2013. Working with the company has been my first application of the accounting concepts with a real world business environment.

Initial Training with the Organization

My initial internship training started the first day I reported into the company. In the first day, I reported to Mohammed Bin Shihon who was the head of accounting department. Before I started working, Mohammed introduced to other co-workers who welcomed me warmly into their team. All of them were eager to work with me. In short, their interpersonal relationships were excellent because they took me as a prospective accounting trainee who intended to become a professional accountant in the future. Within few hours of starting my training, I had known the names of some of the workers by heart. Typically, the training meets my objectives because I have learnt the application of several management and accounting concepts. For example, I learned the method of preparing and reviewing organization financial statements. Moreover, I learned the strategy to make journal entries, as well as preparing deposits, and manage invoices. Moreover, the training assists me to understand the application of corporate culture. Although, I have learnt all these concepts at school, however, the training program assists me to understand how organizations prepare these accounting concepts in a real world business environment.

The negative aspect of the training was that I was not paid. Although, I did the same work and spent the same working hours similar to the full time workers, however, the company did not pay me on the ground that I would receive the academic credit from the training.


Important aspect of the Internship.

The most important aspect of internship is the preparation and reviewing the company financial statements. Typically, assisting in the preparation of the company financial statements matches what I have learnt in the school. Being a student in the department of Accounting and Management, the internship has assisted me to understand the application of some of the modules of the common core courses in my schools that include:

"ACCT 205 Financial Accounting for Decision-Making"

"ACCT 206 Managerial Accounting for Decision-Making"

"FINA 360 Financial Management"

"MGMT 336 Management Information Systems."

How my Experience matches my initial Internship Proposal

My internship proposal matches my experience because my proposal is to accumulate the accounting and management experience that will help me to become a professional accountant. My proposal is also to accumulate the accounting experience to solve accounting problems that organizations could encounter. The internship has enhanced my knowledge on the strategy to review financial statements of an organization, making journal entries, preparing deposits, and managing invoices that are part of the critical accounting concepts for an organization. Typically, my internship experience will assist me to achieve my career aims of becoming a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of a reputable organization.

Courses assisting me in performing my Internship

The following courses assisted to perform my internship:

"ACCT 205 Financial Accounting for Decision-Making"

"ACCT 206 Managerial Accounting for Decision-Making"

"FINA 360 Financial Management"

"MGMT 336 Management Information Systems."

The FINA 360 is the main course that has assisted me to carry out my internship successfully because I have applied virtually all the financial management concepts learned in the course in the internship. Preparing, reviewing and management of financial accounting are the aspects that I have applied in the internship environment. Typically, my accumulated knowledge from the course assists to cope with all the works I had been asked to do.

The ACCT 205 and ACCT 206 have also assisted me to understand the strategy the financial accounting influences decision making. During the internship, I understand that the financial accounting management assists the Safa co. LTD to make a strategic decision on the cost of business operations. Advertising costs are part of the cost of operations that the company aims to understand to make the strategy decision. Since the company is supplying its products to multiple market segments in the country, the financial and management accounting tools assist the company to make the comparative analysis of all the segments in order to understand the segments having the lower costs of operations, and the market segments that are more profitable. Thus, the courses have assisted me to perform my duties by assisting the company to make the strategic decisions on its business operations.

Moreover, the MGMT 336 has assisted me to understand the method of using the IT (information technology) tools to prepare accounting information for the management. During my internship, I have learnt how to use different accounting software in reviewing and preparing the financial accounting information for the company. Unlike many companies that still use manual system to prepare their financial accounting information, the Safa co. LTD is using the IT tools to prepare the company financial accounting. The MGMT 336 course has assisted to successfully carry out duties in the internship.

Evaluation of the Internship Experience

The internship has assisted me to achieve an outstanding positive professional experience. Apart from assisting me to accumulate professional experience, the internship will also assist me to achieve my career goals because of the experience accumulated during the internship. I also learn about… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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