AI Ethics and Morality in Black Mirror Essay

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The irony at the end of “White Christmas” is that the virtual world in which Joe now lives is a prison; moreover, the whole world has essentially become enslaved to the technology it has worshipped. People lose their minds when they are “blocked” from seeing with their Z-Eyes. They no longer feel connected to their virtual world or to any world, because they have not explored the ancient philosophy that guided mankind up the mountain of reality, which Plato defined so many centuries ago with his Allegory of the Cave.

Essay on AI Ethics and Morality in Black Mirror Assignment

The implications of using a copy of a person’s brain to extract a confession as they relate to the concept of free will are that such an invasion would go against the moral and ethical law of classical philosophy, though a case could be made from the utilitarian standpoint (ala Mill) that a greater good could be obtained through such an invasion. However, as usual, the sci-fi world tends to get away with neglecting issues of free will and basic due process rights that are taken for granted in this day and age because in the sci-fi world it is generally accepted that technology has become a kind of authoritarian, totalitarian culture in and of itself and to not use technology is to be anathema. Matt invades Joe’s consciousness to extract the necessary information that will be useful for the prosecution, in a way that is similar to the dream invading scheme from Inception. It is all done with a Twilight Zone type of flair, but ultimately it is not a very rewarding concept. The whole concept of humanity is reduced to a mechanistic, surrealistic scenario in which all of life is manipulated and all that matters is the legalism. In a world where virtual worlds can be so thoroughly constructed and AI so thoroughly perfected, why should such legalistic issues as obtaining a confession from a suspect really still be that important? Surely the disconnect between the natural world and the personality of man will have eroded any such need even for legalisms such as this. Nonetheless, it occurs and so the question must be asked—what are its implications? Essentially, the implications of this sort of soul-invasion are that it would mean man is no longer in possession of his own soul, his own heart, his own mind, his own intellect, his own memory or his own will. Others can creep into it, like some Freddy Kreuger come to claim that which they feel they have a right to. Such abuse would be akin to a dehumanization of the person.

Of course, what Black Mirror intimates is that too much dependence on technology is largely responsible for already initiating this dehumanization process. When mankind turns to creating worlds of his own within this one while neglecting the world (including the next one and what must be done to attain happiness in the next one, as the philosophers and theologians of the Old World believed), man limits his potential and narrows his view—like a Victor Frankenstein of the digital age. In the end, modern man creates nightmares and monsters where he meant to create happiness and an eternity that he could control. The problem at root is a spiritual one—for modern man just as it was for Frankenstein.

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