Aid to Dependent Corporations Term Paper

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As far as my reasoning goes I feel that such important issues, which have great implications for the people, should be handled in a better way. Firstly the government should not sell away all its intellectual properties and with it its say in the operational details of the companies who deliver the services to the public. There should be some kind of supervision and control which the government should exercise to make sure that these vital medical facilities are easily obtainable to the layman instead of their being exploited by the purely profit oriented approach of the private firms. (As was the case in 'Bristol-Myers'). In this way the government can ensure that the ordinary taxpayer would receive the benefits rather than being at the mercy of these profit mongering organizations.

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Another contentious issue is the exploitation in the name of subsidization. Though subsidization is offered to boost business I am sure that we have reached a point where it is being used as a means of exploitation. From the past statistics it is plainly obvious that subsidization has resulted in a gross misappropriation of federal resources and loss of revenue. For example in 1995 the government lost around $67 billion in tax in the form of subsidies given to the poor people (which is justified) and what is even more astounding is the fact that in the same period government's subsidy to corporate sectors and the affluent community exceeded $242 billions. [Chuck Collins] I really agree with the author that subsidization has only helped the wealthy people become wealthier. It is thus clear that the government needs to carefully assess all these important considerations before sanctioning aids and special privileges to business corporations.


TOPIC: Term Paper on Aid to Dependent Corporations the Assignment

In conclusion I am convinced that the generality of the current federal laws and rules pertaining to corporate taxing and financing has only proved to be an easy cushion for the wealthy corporate class to maximize their profits and avoid rightful taxes. With the existing subsidies, rules and stipulations it clearly transpires that it is only the average American who is bound and affected by the tax obligations while the so-called wealthy and the corporate giants are evading with impunity leaving a gaping deficit in our national budget. In order to enable the government to successfully implement national welfare schemes and to increase the federal revenue it is essential to amend the rules suitably to check the corporate subsidies. This would definitely ensure maximum tax revenue and hence contribute to the growth of economy of the nation on the whole.


Chuck Collins, "Dollars & Sense," 'Aid to dependent corporations: exposing federal handouts to the wealthy',… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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