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A weak dollar policy is inflationary; this would put upward pressure on the interest rates as bond investors would demand an extra return for a future purchasing power that has been lost. The downfall of the dollar would also deter foreign investors as there is an inevitable risk of holding depreciating dollars. This would prompt them to demand a higher rate of return which will in turn create an upward pressure on interest rates. The upward pressure on the interest rates has a direct impact on the stock market. Stocks with rich valuations based on future growth would be hard hit. Higher interest rates would also be unkind on the entire housing industry thus causing the figures of growth to reverse and plummet eventually. While a smooth and slow descent of the dollar could work out some advantages such as balancing the entire world economy, a steep and unpredicted slide in the greenback could only spell disaster in all economic levels. This has to be countered with several measures such as building the investor confidence, regulation of interest rates and so on. The dollar is worst affected when leaders of the G7 nations and governors of central banks across the region, in unison, sign ideal market determined currency rates. This would impose a tremendous pressure on the dollar thus prompting it to take a dive.(Weak Dollar Medicine: Motley Fool Take)

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There seems to be no concrete proof that holding foreign stocks will yield a bankable currency benefit. During the period 1997-2002, when the dollar was on its gain run, American investors across the world wide market were engaged in a losing game. There is widespread belief that the economic policies of the administration are fundamentally inconsistent thus triggering a fall in the dollar. In truth, there is a lower level of confidence in the dollar and it is set to continue southwards and this has not a lot to do with the administration's economic policy. The general idea is that, once a currency tends to go one way or the other, it will continue to do so and call for a policy response. With the presidential elections around the corner, it would take a great deal of drive and effort to make the buck do a turn around. (Playing the Weak Dollar)

Term Paper on Aid President George W. Bush Assignment

The Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Dr. Alan Greenspan told the Congress recently that a dramatic slowdown in productivity would trigger a stronger overall job growth this year. This is the steadfast belief of the administration too. Productivity is nothing but a measure of how much workers produce per hour. With business having invested huge sums in cutting edge technology and imposing an altogether new work culture that involves better and effective management, productivity has grown at a rapid pace. In the long run, productivity leads to job growths and higher standards of living. On the other hand, in the short run, it has aided in making the current labor market reach its most feeble since the great depression. The 12-month percentage change in the nation's payrolls has been lifelessly flat for 31 long months. This is the longest such stretch ever since the Labor department began monitoring and tracking data in the year 1939. The administration however has an answer. In its semi-annual economic forecast, a great deal of change is predicted during the year. Growth of productivity is expected to slow down from last years annualized rate of 4.2% to a marginal rate of 1.5% this year. Given below is a graph detailing payroll growth for the period 2003 and 2004.

Graph #1; Monthly change in the U.S., non-farm payrolls. (In thousands)

The key to job growth may be a drop in productivity)

The issue of security has gained wide prominence and a broader scope since the attacks on the world trade center on September 11, 2001. This was more than just an attack; it was an incursion into the sovereign territory of the United States of America and an all out war declared on the American people. The need for greater intelligence mechanisms, higher levels of alertness and greater inter-agency coordination has been felt ever since. This has prompted the administration to restructure and give more teeth to existing agencies such as the National Security Agency (NSA), The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), The Federal Bureau of investigations (FBI) and other intelligence and counter terrorism units. The administration has also effectively and promptly created an independent agency; The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) headed by Mr. Tom Ridge.. (The White House, Washington)

The singular aim is in making the United States of America more secure and a safer place to live in. In a world filled with threats from all dimensions, there is greater need for security and allied partnerships to fight out the root of terror. America is committed to root out terrorism and outlawed infrastructure not only from its mainland but also from any part of the world. It aims at making the world more peaceful and free from the nightmares of terrorism. The administration in its turn has concrete policies that ensure tough measures to be taken to fight terror within and across borders. The events of September 11 forever changed the perception of internal security and external threats. It has put the administration in a role of a policing agent who is a custodian and guardian of individual and collective freedom. (The White House, Washington)

America initiated the war on terror in many phases, politically, militarily, economically and geographically. The campaign in Afghanistan saw that country return to civilization. A comprehensive sense of security has been brought about ever since the fundamental Islamic outfit of the Taliban has been ousted. The Taliban and its association with outlawed regimes such as the Al-Qaeda have proved a disaster and has time and again threatened the security and peace of many a country across the world. This campaign initiated by the administration has arrested the spread of Islamic terrorism and cut down sleeper cells of the Al-Qaeda that have been an ominous presence far and wide. There has been a growing and genuine concern among members of the administration that terrorism should be rooted out in all fronts and boundaries that appreciate freedom and sovereignty. Those countries and agencies that use terrorism as an means to achieve their objectives shall be severely dealt with as in the case of Afghanistan. The administration recognizes North Korea, Iran and Syria as rogue states and the axis of evil. It is committed to extend the war on terror on all fronts no matter what the magnitude and the geographical barrier. (National Security)

The campaign on Iraq and the ouster of Saddam Hussein is yet another example of America's foreign policy that upholds the values of freedom and strikes down upon regimes that oppress their people. The regime of Saddam Hussein was no different from a band of thugs who seized power in a country with vast resources. The threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) is real and poses a great risk to countries such as the United States of America who value the tradition of democracy and uphold the principles of freedom. Chemical, Nuclear and Biological weapons could fall into the hands of rouge states and terrorist infrastructure which in turn could threaten other nation states. Iraq was one such country which committed itself upon proliferating Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and terrorist outfits. (National Security)

In trying to achieve supremacy in the gulf region, it took to devious plans which were fortunately checked by the United States along with the coalition formed to initiate and conduct the War on Terror. The administration in cooperation with the international community has devised several plans and policies to check and arrest the onslaught of terrorism. It seeks to work upon nonproliferation laws to check the spread of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), it calls for the restriction of sales and supply of nuclear know-how, it seeks to put in place measures that check the development of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) by regimes under the veil of legitimacy; and calls for expand effort to seek and destroy nuclear material. (National Security)

The USA Patriot Act has been a key piece of legislation that has found greater relevance in the era post 9/11. It has played a very vital role in protecting the homeland enabling the federal government to apprehend and bring to America terrorists, disrupt their cells and infrastructure, takeover their assets and so on. This has given more scope to all law enforcement agencies that carry out an active role in the war on terror. The administration in its campaign against terrorism has put forward several policies that could well be the defining pillars on security. It calls for detailed and well worked law enforcement cooperation among many agencies so as to fight terror on all grounds and dimensions. The United Nations being the overseer of world issues, the policy calls for swift… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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