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The airplanes that can be used are relatively small airplanes as the flights will not be taking a large number of passengers in each flight. The airplanes that are being planned to use are Embraer regional jets with 50 seats in each airplane. At the same time, let us remember that the airline business is not easy and the business is tough now. More than 130 airlines have gone into bankruptcy since the industry was deregulated in 1978. The losers ended up joining the large airlines and the survivors have grown into behemoths that dominate the routes at most of the hub airports and thus shut out any new airline. Even for leasing aircraft, the existence of a track record is very important, as otherwise, no manufacturer will help it get the financing it needs. Even when it gets the financing, it will have to get the permission to land and take off from congested airports, as it will have an idle fleet otherwise. (Airline Faces Turbulence En route to Takeoff)Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Since the airline is being started with the indirect support of the government in Haiti, and for the purpose of providing employment to people of Haiti, it is expected that there will be no problems in getting landing and take-off slots in the Haiti end of the business. For the landing and take off at the other end, it is likely that there will have to be a tie-up with another airline. This may be American Airlines as they have a large number of flights coming into the country and a suitable financial arrangement with them may sort out the difficulties into getting into an agreement. Since the country is a low user of fuels causing pollution, a support from the Greens may be sought. The United States government is expected to be a major shareholder and thus would be asked to guarantee enough flight slots for the planes to come from USA to Haiti. Haiti itself has an unemployment problem of a high order, and the people in Haiti could be provided jobs to assist the incoming passengers in Haiti. This is expected to provide a number of jobs to those people. The plan of the airline is not one that expects to make direct profits from day one, but is expected to be an organization that will help the people of Haiti through generation of employment. Thus the persons running the airline will have to keep this in mind and keep running it even if there are some losses initially.


To conclude the answer to the question as to why set to up an airline for organizing help is that traveling to Haiti is an activity that people are still doing, and they may not mind doing it in future also. In the process an effort is being made to help Haiti.


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