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However, with the exception of global flows of people, I don't really see any difference in his way of thinking as compared to Ritzer's, from this point-of-view. Indeed, many of these global flows are immaterial, not necessarily in the nothing form that George Ritzer uses.

On the other hand, interesting aspects are pointed out in Appadurai's ideas when he refers to the fact that globalization may produce "violent forms of difference and separation," with threats to the national security and identity.

A may thus conclude that both authors have a rather grim outlook on globalization. A form of promoting nothing for one and a source for tensions for another, the global flows of virtually anything is deemed to have less positive consequences on humanity.


1. Fuchs, Christian. Globalization and Self-Organization in the Knowledge-Based Society. On the Internet at (http://triplec.uti.at/articles/tripleC1(2)_Fuchs.pdfDownload full Download Microsoft Word File
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Term Paper on Ajun Appadurai and George Assignment

Fuchs, Christian. Globalization and Self-Organization in the Knowledge-Based Society. On the Internet at (http://triplec.uti.at/articles/tripleC1(2)_Fuchs.pdf
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