Term Paper: Al Thani Family Ruled Qatar

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[. . .] H.H. Sheikha Mouza approves women's meeting, which talk about women's problems and suggest answers for the problems and competition that women face, when they work outside the home. Qatari women take part in many fields like education, health, legal, fine arts, literature, aviation, banking, politics and tourism. (Qatari women)

Future of Qatar:

Qatar can face future with self-assurance. On the prospect are the Asian Games; a sporting occasion second in size to the Olympics, and the approaching prospect is the Qatar-Bahrain Causeway. This is a scheme, which unites creative and striking engineering and plan with very optimistic representation. It will be an everlasting testimonial to His Highness's statesmanship. Qatar is sanctified with considerable oil reserves and huge natural gas deposits; a fact of concern is that it will become a net gas importer after 2005. And it is accurate. But having resources is different from productively utilizing it. There are many examples of nations sanctified with natural resources, but where incompetence, ineffectiveness, dishonesty and lack of skill have combined to devastate their people's likelihood of gaining from such God-given riches and humanizing their standard of life. Contrastingly, the way by which Qatar has handled its resources as well as organizing the hope arising from them has been another example for others. The companies in Qatar, which are accountable for these assets, are famous and esteemed all through the world. (Investing in Qatar)


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